I like the fact he denies his partial white heritage and is all for the American Blacks(he even had the whole thing on Kenya) which is typical for mixed bred self-hating swine. Obama is technically a Mulatto(mother is White), not full Negro which I assume his wife is(or atleast both her parents were Negroes). The bigger picture with him, is that he's a lap dog for ZOG in the end like 98% of our politicians today.

More on topic, reading about this stuff is very troublesome, but its still a very small minority yet thankfully. So we have to thank god for small favors, but not rest on this matter and take action. Unfortunately these headlines and mixed-couple statistics all gets pushed, glorified & hyped by the media...just sensationalized to weaken us or to try and mold the younger generations. White people really have to start waking, doesnt matter if your German, Italian, Scottish or whatever..we have to wake up and dethrone these sick sadistic elements that rule us.