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Thread: I Am Going to Kill My Colleague

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthernBoy View Post
    I never liked the unique cultures of Europe anyway. We should all just forget about our differences and make babies with each other.

    I mean we are all white. Are we not?
    We are considered White in countries that don't have a native population with an ethnic identity. That's why Europe is different.

    America= A+B=C, C being Americans
    European Countries= Whereas A=Polish and B=German, when A+B=C, C is a Polish German and not A nor B.

    As long as countries in Europe have native populations, this will always be true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flash Voyager View Post
    I got a better idea, European countries seceded from the EU and we'll hand it over to Turkey, everyone wins.

    With the exception of four people, how many Iranians look like that?
    You'd be surprised, and i have first hand experience. Alot of persian women have stuff going on for them under those arab shrouds. True metal sanaz is not from iran probably, but she is full blooded iranian.

    They are however to dark for my liking, and more suited to south europeans, spaniards and italians for example.

    Although i might have to make an exception for sanaz
    For thousands of years from father to son
    Ancient ways were carried on
    Ingrained in the flesh an ancestral soul
    Breathing life since days of old

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blood Axis View Post
    She went on about how the Turkish people have been through so much, and that they finally deserve 'a break', that the EU should help them to move forward and give them resources to exploit....

    I can tell you, people, that even the most liberal leftists in this office got infuriated and started yelling at her for what she said...

    Colleague no1 (liberal): are you f*** serious??? Who cares if they're 'been through much' or if they're 'backward'...let them go to their own goverment for help, why the f*** should we care? Why should we let them drain our already limited resources, as if Europe has not suffered enough from them...

    Colleague no2 (also socially liberal but more 'conservative' in ethnic matters): yeah, as if we haven't suffered enough from the Albanians and all the other foreign scum they brought us here, now go on and tell me those are "good people" too...

    Obnoxious woman: of course they are 'good people' can you find it in your heart to tell me they're not?? Just because they were hungry when thet came, less priviledged?

    Colleague no2: are you F***** SERIOUS? Other folks have been hungry as well and you're telling me they go about killing and raping, and pillaging the countries that host them???

    Colleague no3 (also a liberal voter): excuse me, would you invite your next door gypsy family to your Xmas dinner because they're 'good people' and they've 'suffered a lot' and they're 'less priviledged'?

    Obnoxious woman: .......... :o
    Greeks appear to embody a quality that most germanics lack: The ability to take an interest in and to discuss sensitive matters - in this case something as vital to preservation as ethnopolitics - with honesty! You should be proud to be greek. The refinement of arguments referred in your post is something I don't get in a swedish workplace, unless those few patriotic minded people are together whispering to each other in a corner.
    God expects but one thing of you,
    and that is that you should come out of yourself in so far as you are a created being made
    and let God be God in you.

    Meister Eckhart

    Do U believe in God? | Svensk förskola | Vem äger media? | CA ban on mom & dad | Birth control causes breast cancer

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