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Thread: The Future of the European Union

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    Quote Originally Posted by KYAnglo View Post
    Once upon a time the Mason-Dixon and Ohio River were convenient borders for the South, though Missouri and southern Indiana and Illinois folk are pretty similar in origin and culture to the border South like my own State. It's hard to make the case that significant parts of Virginia, Maryland, Florida, etc are truly Southern anymore.
    In my experience, outside places like Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky is still pretty solidly Upper/Border Southern. Of course Eastern KY/Appalachia is its own thing entirely.
    What's you're meaning about that? Allenson contends this is a contained society traversing the whole breadth, although the Regional Commission doesn't cross the Hudson over to Vermont where he's at, even if the trail heads into Canada. Have you read Albion's Seed? Which culture is most representative of one in which you feel you fit?

    I've got blood mostly from the first and second chapters on New England (paternal grandmother and maternal grandfather, Loyalist families with lines from the Isles and Canada) and Virginia (maternal grandmother), but not so much the third and fourth ones on Quaker or Scotch-Irish groups. Much of my ancestry wasn't even here yet, but still over in the Isles and Canada into the 20th century, so it's been a trying time for me to feel some centre where I belong for my main heritage (paternal grandfather), but Maryland certainly fits the historiography of my clan in England that's known to have gone to both Maryland and Newfoundland with the Lords Baltimore, all of us having suffered for the Church of Rome under Henry VIII, Edward VI and Elizabeth I, James I, Charles I, Cromwell, onward into the 18th century nonsense. I used to try to figure out a rationalist, accommodationist approach to the Reformation, along with concurrent political developments like the Scottish Union, but now no longer care to provide such lip service. Cognitive dissonance on those issues troubled me for a very long time.

    I don't know if it's really that important whether Maryland is accepted as Union or Confederate, trying to do its own thing regardless of the Protestants elsewhere in those 11 Colonies (i.e. except Delaware) and the Scot heritage of Georgia accruing with the Union of 1707 and it being founded after. I agree with those who revolted in Maryland during the War, love the state song, along with supporting Taney on Scott and habeas corpus against Lincoln, so probably would have laughed openly if had personally witnessed Booth in Ford's Theatre! I wish I could support the Democrats but don't see that happening, although Clinton and Biden ethnically fit the bill as Carter before, for their imposition of Obama is another type of Slavocracy I don't think I could stomach, to make Nigs seem relevant and useful until the end of time, even as our CinC and the Presiding Bishop of the ECUSA likewise. How disgusting to turn this 3/5ths approach to representation upon its head. They want to rub Nativism in the Republicans' faces, like waving the Bloody Shirt as once done to the Democrats. I can understand Reconstruction positively only if it were to root out all Negroes and colonise them in Liberia, along with investment in jobs and/or mechanisation to improve the plantations, but that's NOT what happened, unfortunately. I might have supported the Cotton Whigs except for sharing their big tent with the Conscience Whigs repulses me as much as the Democrats including big city ethnics beginning with Van Buren himself. I also cannot feel good with the Union or the Republicans when watching Gone With the Wind as the Devil Sherman went down to Georgia and destroyed Atlanta--imagine if the Army of Northern Virginia wiped out Philadelphia or Harrisburg, which never would have happened!

    Another thing: I lived in Arizona during my teens and twenties--it rightly fit the Border state culture of Maryland and Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana, Illinois and Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska, Oklahoma and Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. IMO, it's possible to gauge 25 total Southern-influenced States through tracking the Slave vs Free and Populist debates. It was in the Southwest where I first felt inspired to take a stand for the South, once I knew about both my roots and the Gadsden Purchase where I lived. My reckoning of the Deep South would be every one of the 11 States of the Confederacy. Perhaps the Solid South might be all those areas where the Upper and Deep sections overlapped, especially KY and MO.

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    Irish Fine Gael MEP calls for EU to suspend its funding for Poland.

    EU and funding to Poland

    The EU should suspend its funding to Poland until it addresses its rule of law issues, according to a Fine Gael MEP. Sean Kelly said Poland needs to get its house in order before it’s given EU funds. His comments followed a fiery debate in the Parliament this morning when the Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, accused the EU of “blackmail”, as he was also roundly criticised by MEPs for what they see as the erosion of fundamental rights and judicial independence in his country.

    The row is considered to be
    a threat to the cohesion of the 27-nation bloc by both Brussels and Warsaw. Earlier this month, Poland’s constitutional tribunal found that EU treaties were incompatible with Poland’s national constitution.

    Sean Kelly said he believes the bloc “has to” hit Poland with sanctions for its actions. “The rule of law underpins everything. If you have a member state that’s breaching it, that’s influencing the judiciary, appointing their own judges, ask them to give decisions that suits them – that is just not acceptable,” he told Strasbourg-based media outlet EuroParl Radio.

    There have been calls to use the €24 billion Poland is due to get from the Recovery and Resilience Fund as a bargaining chip in the dispute. The Ireland South MEP said the suspension of funds would send the message that a country can benefit from its membership “only when you comply with the European treaties the same as every other member state”. This would “put it back to the Polish people, because they would know” that the EU is saying that there are stipulations when your country is a member, Kelly went on. “If you take money from the bank then you have to pay the interest rate, you can’t change it. So it’s the same here,” he said, pointing to Poland’s membership of the single market as another benefit it has enjoyed.

    The polish ‘leave’ movement is tiny and not popular, but this suggestion just throws petrol on the fire.

    Poland’s EU stance is worrying to say the least. BBC correspondent Jessica Parker remindend readers today how an EU diplomat told her the EU couldn’t survive another exit. And their Warsaw correspondent Adam Easton has tabled the theory that Poland could be laying the groundwork for an exit once the country becomes a net contributor. If both are right we’ll be in for a rough ride.

    Personally, as an EU citizen, I don’t want any association with countries like Poland and Hungary as long as they continue their march toward fascist regimes, with Italy not far behind. I think the EU should regroup and reduce membership countries who are progressive and egalitarian, such as Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Slovakia and Slovenia.

    It doesn’t work like that Rebecca. The countries you’re naming have at the moment all have or had got their nationalist sentiments to varying degrees. Belgium with Flemish Block, Austria had Jorg Haider, Germany with Alternative fur Deutschland, Holland with Fortuyn, Wilders & Baudet, Finland with the Real Finns, Denmark with their trad. social democrats going anti-immigrant, Greece with the new horizon movement, and so on.
    You can’t really pick out ‘progressives’ in any member state: nationalist sentiment is everywhere, albeit in varying degrees. To keep this all together, a great deal of work is needed, and it’ll take a genius to figure out what exactly.

    There’s other viewpoints and they’re entitled to express them. Fine Gael MEP calls for EU to suspend its funding for Poland 2021.

    " fascist regimes" - the agendas: mass migration, open borders, the lgbt and gay marriage, abortion etc. despite rigged votes agenda are impositions not there by popular demand.

    EU leaders like von der Leyen are appointed by the European parliament not elected. A younger version of the Merkel monster.

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