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Thread: The Future of the European Union

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    Is Itay’s exit from the EU possible? New poll suggests so.

    Could Italexit be in the European Union’s near future?

    As heated negotiations over financial aid for countries affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic have dragged on in Brussels, anti-EU sentiment is rising in many countries. This is particularly apparent in Italy, which has been the hardest-hit member of the bloc during the crisis.

    Belgium, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovenia, and Spain have been pushing for the issuing of so-called “corona bonds,” which would distribute the debt among all countries in the bloc. The “Frugal Four,” however — Austria, Finland, Germany, and the Netherlands — are rejecting the suggestion, and have called for the activation of the European Stability Mechanism, which would allow member states to take out loans in the form of bond purchases from the European Central Bank.

    Nowhere has disappointment in the EU been stronger than in Italy, and new polls show that Italians are fed up with what they see as the bloc’s inadequate measures to respond to the crisis. 49% of Italians are now in favour of leaving the EU and the Eurozone altogether, according to a poll conducted earlier this month by the Tecne Institute that was reported by Express. This represents a 20% increase from 18 months ago, the last time such a poll was undertaken.

    Another recent survey conducted by Termometro found that nearly 40% of Italians are in favor of leaving both the EU and the Eurozone, suggesting that the Tecne poll is accurate, as
    reported by Il Sussidiario.

    The Tecne poll recorded that only 40.9% of respondents want Italy to remain in the bloc. The remaining 10% either want Italy to only leave the Eurozone, or in some cases for Italy to remain in the Eurozone but leave the EU.

    These numbers suggest that if Italy were to hold a referendum on remaining in the EU today, pro-European Italians would lose.

    Lega MEP Antonio Maria Rinaldi, who is also an economist, suggested last week that Germany was following a “diabolical plan” by pressuring the Netherlands into objecting to the coronabonds measure when in fact it is Germany itself that wants the notion defeated, as previously reportedby Voice of Europe.

    Is Itay’s exit from the EU possible? New poll suggests so
    23 IV 2020.

    "The Tecne poll recorded that only 40.9% of respondents want Italy to remain in the bloc" - that's why the EU won't allow a referendum on Italexit or on any other country leaving the EU.

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    Italy, Spain & France are just so ridiculous, they need their mouth stuffed. They whine about installing so called 'Corona Bonds' which would mean that the more rich Northern and mostly Germanic states guarantee for the debts of the indebted Med countries by buying state bondes under equal terms. Their rating on the financial market is negative but the ratings and data of the Northern countries are positive. So with 'Corona Bonds', our Northern countries had to aquire money under poorer terms and the Med countries under better terms. That's bullshit in its pure form!

    Most people don't know that e.g. Italy has more personal wealth than Germany per capita, more people are owners of private homes AND Italians go on pension with 62 (women with 58) while Germans go on pension with 68 or later! So the Club Med countries should STFU. They can ask for Corona bonds after they have cleansed the black market and black labour, destroyed the Mafia structures that own huge parts of the country and work as long as Germans, Dutch or Scandinavian people. Fullstop!
    Loyal to my hate

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    EU humiliated: Why Switzerland rejected membership as 'only lunatics join'

    THE EUROPEAN UNION has sought to expand by attracting new members to the bloc, but Switzerland rejected the idea of membership as one politician in the country claimed "only lunatics would join now".

    Politicians in Switzerland voted to withdraw the country's application for membership of the EU, just one week before the UK voted to leave the bloc in 2016. Thomas Minder, counsellor for Schaffhausen state and an active promoter of the concept of 'Swissness,' said at the time he was eager to "close the topic fast and painlessly" as only "a few lunatics" may want to join the EU now. Switzerland began the application process 14 years prior in 1992, and all the work towards the goal was dashed as a total of 27 members of parliament's upper house voted to invalidate the application, backing up an earlier decision by the lower house.

    Only 13 senators voted against while two abstained. Swiss media quoted the country's Foreign Minister at the time as claiming he would give Brussels formal notice. Hannes Germann, also representing Schaffhausen, compared the symbolic importance to Iceland’s decision to drop its membership bid in 2015. He said: “Iceland had the courage and withdrew the application for membership, so no volcano erupted."

    Despite the process having dragged out for well over a decade, Swiss politics had barely been impacted. Switzerland had a referendum on whether to join the European Economic Area where the country narrowly decided to reject the idea.This provoked the Swiss Government to suspend the application for EU membership. Filippo Lombardi, from the Christian Democratic People’s Party, said it was "not very clever to discuss it once again" and called the whole thing "a bit ridiculous".

    Switzerland, never a member of the EU, shares free trade with the union and free movement of people as part of the Schengen zone. The bloc would suffer a second humiliation within a month when the British public voted to leave the EU in June 2016.The process has been marred by chaos and stalemate as Prime Minister Theresa May tried and failed three times to get her withdrawal agreement through the House of Commons. In July last year, Boris Johnson took over as Prime Minister and – after a string of defeats in Parliament – called for a general election. He secured an 80-seat majority while Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party suffered its worst electoral defeat since 1935.

    After the UK left the EU on January 31, trade talks between London and Brussels started. The key dispute so far has seen the bloc's Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier demand continued EU access to British fishing waters in exchange for access to European markets. This has created a dilemma for Mr Johnson and his government, as the Prime Minister wants to take back independent control of UK fishing grounds.

    The Swiss have real democracy. They vote before the gov't does anything important.
    Wish we had this democracy in my country. In Canada we have an elected dictatorship. We get to vote but the politicians do what they want once they are in. And it's usually corrupt.

    The only difference between us and the Swiss is that we won't be part of Shengen, no free movement, no paying in. Put ourselves first. Stay away from wars and more importantly well away from the EU madhouse.

    EU news: Why Switzerland rejected membership as 'only ...

    10 V 2020.

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    FREXIT RISING: EU rocked as damning poll shows French euroscepticism now HIGHER than in UK

    FRENCH trust in the European Union has taken a dramatic nosedive, a pro-Brussels think-tank has revealed.

    Around six out of 10 people in France questioned said they “no not trust” Brussels, the Jacques Delors Institute’s study indicated. The country’s lack of trust in the EU has jumped to 58% – a dramatic rise of 10 points since Emmanuel Macron’s election as president. Just 32% of participants said they could trust the EU, while the remaining 10% didn’t express a judgement.

    The findings place France ahead of the United Kingdom as the country with the least faith in the bloc’s institutions.

    On average, just 47% of participants from across the bloc said they couldn’t trust the EU, while 43% do.

    The study was undertaken in November last year, but only made public today. Lead researcher Thierry Chopin said there was no reason to believe the EU’s management in the coronavirus pandemic has done much to boost support in the bloc. He said: "There has been a continuous decline since the day after the election of Emmanuel Macron until there point where ’ambivalents’ have not become the majority in France.”

    The report describes “ambivalent” as Europeans who are neither “supporters” of Brussels nor “eurosceptic” in their views. It claims “ambivalents” are driven towards “eurosceptism” because of a lack of understanding about of the EU’s inner workings. The media, schools and politicians are blamed because only 48% of “ambivalents” are said to know how the EU works, and 64% consider Brussels’ institutions to be too “distant”. Mr Chopin added: “We have seen it before with the euro and the migrants. “If under exceptional circumstances, like the COVID-19 crisis, the European leaders fail to display flawless unity and solidarity, then the ambivalents will be more and more tempted by the national withdrawal, convinced that the national state is the only one able to protect them.”

    The findings in France rank the country alongside the UK, which has since left the EU in January. Only 56% of Britons were said to have no trust in the EU, while 29% were said to be supporters of the bloc.

    Greece was the only country to display more eurosceptism, with 62% of respondents expressing little faith in Brussels. But the country had more supporters than France, with 34% of respondents having trust in the bloc.

    Charles-Henri Gallois, economic spokesman for the eurosceptic Union Populaire Reublicaine party, said: “The French with the COVID-19 crisis are even more aware of how the EU is useless. “We voted in 2005 against the European Constitution. We are at a turning point: we know that the current EU is bad. Nevertheless, they are still thinking that we can change it. “When they will be aware that you cannot change it, Frexit will win. I hope it will be the case soon.

    FREXIT RISING: EU rocked as damning poll shows French ...

    25 V 2020.

    “First ponder , then dare,” von Molke.

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    Never bite of more than you can chew. Nor should you fly too close to the sun if your wings are held together by wax.

    The EU has gathered more formal power than it can use, and made promises it cannot keep. When the crisis hit, it could not deliver. And thus it has discredited itself.

    The only major thing the project has made for our less fiscally responsible brethren in the south is to capture them inside a common currency, dominated by Northern and Central European productivity, out of which the cannon inflate themselves. So as they, as they have done before, tank their economies, they find that they will have to come to Berlin with their hats in hand to beg for money.

    Nor can the EU fulfill the role its proponents see for it. Could the EU fund and manage stockpiles of protective equipment and medications for a pandemic, and then oversee the Europe-wide distribution of those supplies? Hardly. All such attempts would lead to a duplication of national and regional structures that would be too expensive. No nation would abolish its crisis management structures in order to rely on the EU.

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    Swebbtv (Swedish Web Television) have made a point out of the fact that the EU does not seem to play an important role in the response to the ongoing so-called Corona crisis or SARS-CoV-2 induced CoViD-2019 pandemic. I personally do not wish to make the same assumptions as they have, but I agree that there seems to be little use for the EU as soon as there is a crisis where each country has to make up its own mind on what to do and how to react to it.

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