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Every mugging, rape (gang or otherwise) and assault, every stolen mobile, wallet or purse, every incident of mindless vandalism, sexual harassment and hooligalism creates a new nationalist/preservationist/etc. It's that simple.
Are you really sure it's that simple? You'd be amazed at how resistant people are to advocating anything that even appears remotely "politically incorrect". This is true even in cases of extreme violence/criminality. I can't count the number of times I've read news articles about Black thugs who've beaten up on White youth with an explicitly racist motivation, and the ex post facto comments made by the parents and general community turn out to be completely oblivious to this fact.

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Does nationalism in your country stand a chance?
I guess it depends heavily on how we define "success" for such movements. From what I've read/seen, most people seem to want a quick and painless solution to the problem. This is especially the case with Americans. Most people are generally reluctant to become involved with any sort of sustained effort that might require many years to complete.

I can't speak for Europe (or elsewhere, for that matter), but in the US "nationalism" doesn't stand even the slightest chance. This is because the US isn't actually a "nation" by any stretch of the imagination. I don't suspect that nationalist success for the various groups within the Hapsburg Empire meant a total "takeover" of the Empire itself. What would they do, hijack the Democratic/Republican (basically the same thing) party and then assume power over a "nation" that barely even reflects their own heritage?

As SOTV has said, nothing will come from the electoral process. Whatever happens, it won't be painless and without struggle. There will be no miracles or magic wands. For us here in America, I think that our future lies with the small number of truly dedicated individuals who still feel a sense of genuine loyalty and commitment to their civilization. The "mass" has become so degraded as to be essentially worthless, which is why any "mass movement" type of nationalist party in the US is just wasted effort. However, among the mass there are definitely individuals who are valuable. IMO, the most important thing is for them to preserve their sense of commitment, and make sure that they don't allow themselve to be corrupted along with the mass, especially in the near future when things will become even more chaotic and nihilistic than they are today...