Swedes start to question refugee policy

Nader will not give his real name but he does not hide why he chose Sweden as a refuge after Islamic gunmen threatened to murder him unless he fled Mosul in northern Iraq.

“Sweden is the only country that accepts immigrants and gives them permission to bring their families,” says the 39-year-old Christian doctor, whose wife paid a ransom of $50,000 to release him from the kidnappers. “This is the reason most Iraqis come here.”

Sweden has a long history of welcoming refugees and over the past few decades large immigrant communities have emerged from many of the world’s trouble spots. They now make up 12 per cent of the population.


“The risk of a backlash is greater if we don’t have a discussion of the problems,” says Mayor Lago. “As Södertalje is today, Sweden will be in 10-15 years.”
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Swedes start to question refugee policy