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Thread: The Celtic King-Idol of Erin

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    Post The Celtic King-Idol of Erin

    As there is no forum dedicated to ancient Celtic deities, I'll post it here instead.

    Crom Cruach

    The chief idol of Eirin. This huge object stood on the plain of Mag Sleact (the plain of adoration or prostration) in County Cavan in Ulster. Situated around him were twelve smaller idols made of stone while his was of gold. To him the early Irish sacrificed one third of their children on Samain (November 1) in return for milk and corn and the good weather that insured the fertility of cattle and crops. The god was held in horror for his terrible exactions; it was even dangerous to worship him, for the worshippers themselves often perished in the act of worship.

    It is said that his cult was introduced by a pre-Christian king names Tigernmus. During the prostrations one Samhain night, he and three fourths of his followers destroyed themselves.

    The twelve lesser idols that encircle Crom have led to the assumption that he was a solar deity; certainly a fertility god. However, he has not been identified with any of the ancient Irish gods. According to legend, St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, cursed and destroyed it (the idol sunk back into the earth). The saint preached to the people against the burning of milk-cows and their first-born progeny.

    Crom Cruach, or Cromm Crúac means bloody crescent or bloody bent one and is mentioned as such in the 6th century Dinnshenchas in the Book of Leinster. It is also referred to as Cenn Crúaic (bloody head) in the Tripartite Life of Patrick. Another name is ríg-íodal h-Eireann, the king idol of Ireland.

    From the Lebor Gabala:

    'Tigernmas, son of Fallach (or Ollach) took the kingship of Ireland after that... and he died in Mag Slecht with three fourths of the Men of Ireland about him, one Samain eve, while adoring Crom Croich--for he was the king-idol of Ireland... and only one fourth of the Men of Ireland escaped thence… from these bowings is said to come the name, Mag Slecht.

    Here used to be a high idol with many fights, whose name was that of 'Bent One of the Hill…he caused every tuath to be without peace....

    Sad the secret, the keen Goidil used to adore him… from him they used lawlessly to ask for their satisfaction as regards the hard world.

    He was their god, the wizened Bent One with many glooms (mists?)… the people who believed in him over every harbor, the eternal Kingdom shall not be theirs.

    For him ingloriously they slew their wretched firstborn with much weeping and distress, to pour out their blood around the Bent One of the Hill.

    Milk and corn they used to ask of him speedily in return for a third of their whole progeny... great was the horror and outcry about him.

    It is to him the bright Goidil used to bow…it is from his worship… many the slayings… that the plain bears the name Mag Slecht.

    Thither came Tigernmas, prince of Tara long ago, one Samain Eve, with all his host... the journed (action?) was a source of sorrow to them.

    They stirred evil, they beat palms, they bruised bodies, wailing to the demon who had enslaved them they shed showers of tears, prostrate their tears pouring.

    Dead were the men (ie men died) void of sound strength the hosts of Banbha around ravaging Tigernmas in the north, though adoring (the) Bent One on the Hill…woe betide them!

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    Post Re: The King-Idol of Erin

    the cult of Crom Cruah was quite a nasty bloody one when it existed

    a demi god/dark Elf who exchanged the lives of children for milk and crops...he could have actually been a necromancer/king who died and was later immortalized as a bloodthirsty demi god statue...I say good riddance to that spook

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