''The composite maximum likelihood value over all ten
microsatellite loci is 0.26 with a 95% confidence interval of
(0.22–0.30) These results are consistent with previous studies
that were based on classical markers and that have estimated
the proportion of European admixture into the African
American gene pool to be between 10% and 30%, with
the highest values being generally found among African
Americans from the northern US (Reed 1969; Chakraborty
1986; Long 1990; Chakraborty et al. 1992).''

''The African gene pool present in African
Americans is most likely to have originated from populations
in West Africa ''


Estimating European admixture in African Americans by using microsatellites and a microsatellite haplotype (CD4/Alu)

G. Destro-Bisol A1, Riccardo Maviglia A2, Alessandra Caglià A2, Ilaria Boschi A2, Gabriella Spedini A1, Vincenzo Pascali A3, Andrew Clark A4, Sarah Tishkoff A4

A1 Department of Animal and Human Biology, University "La Sapienza", P.le A. Moro 5, 00185 Roma, Italia Tel./Fax: 0039 6 4991 2273 e-mail: destrobisol@axrma.uniroma1.it
A2 Institute of Legal Medicine, Catholic University of Rome, Italy
A3 Forensic Biology Department, University of Verona, Italy
A4 Institute of Molecular Evolutionary Genetics, Department of Biology, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, USA