The universal option is Agrippa, but I digress. Agrippa has an obsession with 'progressives' that colours his attention span. I'm not sure he's updated his methods to an intersection with genetics, because some traits can be isolated by alleles and sourcing of them may help focus on genuine ancestrally-based features vs rough approximations.

I always found Trønder in myself but was confused about trace traits in various SNPA examples of other Nordish types. It seemed obvious that Borreby was the main admix, until looking at Faelid with an open mind and then seeing an example from Dalarna (looking like my older son and also grandfather's cousin--their dads were twins, but my younger son looks Trønder like my grandfather), part of a series of Lundman's other pictures from Dalarna in the Trønder type. Norwegian Borreby examples are the only ones similar enough and not even all, but that must be due to their place close enough in SW Norway when my lineage is SE Norway, hence 'Cordeby' seemed a decent try.

How could SE Norway be Trønder? Well, both Oslo and Trøndheim metro areas have the highest R1a-Z284 concentrations in Scandinavia and the ties between them were established on the eastern slopes of Jotunheim, even if Bergen is majority R1b. Dalarna is on the way between the two R1a regions, so it makes sense why all the old black and white photos from the 1940s of my family show the range of Dalarna examples. Indeed, part of my reluctance to acknowledge Faelid before, is because they're not what some would consider attractive, although my daughter's Faelid look is certainly sweet and precious to me--where I noticed it first. I've had some self-esteem problems for being rugged and overlooked, but hate pretty boys nonetheless and so, even the non-Dalarna examples of Faelid I've accepted as fitting as those of Trønder.

At this point, I cannot be more accurate than this blend.