For those of you unfamiliar with the man, Lee Kuan Yew was the prime minister of Singapore from 1959 to 1990, and was singlehandedly responsible for transforming Singapore from a country poorer than most African nations at the time (at least during the 60's) to one of the most wealthiest nations. As Nixon and Kissinger put it:

"ONE OF THE ASYMMETRIES of history," wrote Henry Kissinger of Singapore's patriarch Lee Kuan Yew, "is the lack of correspondence between the abilities of some leaders and the power of their countries." Kissinger's one time boss, Richard Nixon, was even more flattering. He speculated that, had Lee lived in another time and another place, he might have "attained the world stature of a Churchill, a Disraeli, or a Gladstone."

But anyway, back to the subject on hand: article describes his views of multicultralism. Interesting, because Singapore had one of the most racially diverse populations in the world, being a mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and European.

PDF link:

this is a rather long article, and not a light reading, but interesting for those interesting in a non-European notions of race.

Fareed Zakaria, a noted columnist, did an interview with him awhile back, where he talked about similar issues.

not surprisingly, Lee has admirers from many Indians, as well as Chinese (since Singapore a significant Indian minority), but the Malays revile him due to his racist comments.

Indian perspective (actually he has many fans in India, as well):

Malay perspective: