Pale Moon doth rain,
Red Moon doth blow,
White Moon doth neither
Rain nor snow.
Clear Moon, frost soon.

A dark mist over the Moon is a promise of rain.

The heaviest rains fall following the New and the Full Moons

The Full Moon eats the clouds away.

A New Moon and a windy night.
Sweep the cobwebs out of sight.

A Red Moon is a sure sign of high winds.

And should the Moon wear a halo of red, a tempest is nigh.

Many rings around the Moon signal a series of severe blasts.

A single ring around the moon that quickly vanishes heralds fine weather.

When the New Moon holds the Old Moon in its arms,
(ring around the New Moon) disasters occur at sea.

Sharp horns on the Sickle Moon indicate strong winds.

When the moon's horns point up, the weather will be dry.

When the Moon's horns point down, rain spills forth.

Blunt horns on a Crescent Moon presage a long spell of fair weather.