Find a candle that is in the shape of an egg. The color does not matter, although red is probably the most appropriate. Anoint the egg in the oil of your choosing (Lavender works well) and bless it with these words:"Bring me to the Mother's Ocean,
Ride her waves in harmony,
We create the world together.

"Take the candle home and burn it while you are having sex, or, if you are being inseminated, light it for a few moments and meditate on your goal before you leave for the clinic (or wherever you plan to have the procedure done).

On a sheet of parchment (or otherwise fine paper) draw in red ink the figure of a toad. In the center of the drawing write, "My Child." Then draw a snake around the toad in a circle, head to tail. Artwork doesn't matter a whole lot here, it is your focused intent that matters. While you draw imagine yourself pregnant. Think of what having a child would mean to you. Keep your intent in the front of your mind.