Magickal Bath Salts

Bath Fizzes Get a bottle of good quality witch hazel (skip the terrible stuff in the drug store) and a "good" quality adjustable fine spritzing bottle. The recipe is really simple.

1 part citric acid
3 parts baking soda
Witch hazel
Essential Oil
Any natural coloring is good too.

Any herbs, dried flowers, etc you want to use (about 1/2 a tsp for a small batch, 1 tsp for a larger batch. Less is more. A decent sized fork for mixing... you can also use your hands. A teaspoon for packing the molds...

Weigh out your baking soda and citric acid in the ratios above. Dump them together in a bucket, large bowl, whatever. Get all the lumps out with a fork or spoon (crushing). Add your dry colorings (clays, leaves, herbs, roots, flowers etc in small amounts) Add your essential oil drop by drop till you get the strength of scent you want. Mix well...I put mine in large plastic zip lock bag to mix then pour in a bowl for spritzing. Mist the mixture with the witch hazel, stir in well. Keep misting and mixing till you get a consistency that will stick together in your hand. It doesn't take much witch hazel, so be careful. When right consistency, press mixture into molds firmly, pack it down good... turn over on hard flat surface if it stays together without breaking you have it right...if it breaks put back in bowl and spritz a LITTLE more....then pack in mold again and turn over after a while you will get the feel for this...let dry several hours and package.

I am not the author of the above writings,nor do I claim any credit.