Spell Contents:

child's choice of toy to empower
6 blue & white candles with gold trim/or the floating water candles
age stick, to cleanse
anise, to protect
extras for bedtime:
cedar oil

Since children and long rituals don't seem to mix, a simple circle casting should be sufficient. Have them help you imagine the protecting light as you cast the circle. Use your own parenting instincts to determine how much ritual your child can deal with.

1. Light candles with child (if they're old enough, let them light the candles with a long match)

2. Light sage and anise to cleanse the toy. We said, "Anise & sage please help this mage. Clear the air and make it pure. These awful nightmares we must cure.

3. Have the child hold the toy in the air and say something to the effect of, "Lady, see this tool that is pure and prepared to help in our magic. Bless it now to become an implement of nightmare banishing." Now is a good time to talk about nightmares or simply close the circle if you wish. At bedtime, we throw in these extras to insure a good night's sleep:
Put the child to bed and give them a little juice. As they drink the juice, say, "Past the gums and through the lips, peaceful sleep is in each sip".

Anoint the four corners of the child's bed with cedar oil, saying,

Fears of things that bump in the night, you're not welcome here tonight. As my child dreams in sleep, only good thoughts s/he will keep. As I the parent wills so mote it be.