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Thread: Back into the north

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    Post Back into the north

    Back into the north: the radiocarbon evidence for the human re-colonisation of the north-western Ardennes after the Last Glacial Maximum.

    Ruth Charles.

    This paper critically examines the known radiocarbon evidence for the human re-colonisation of a part of north-western Europe, the north-western Ardennes. Two sites in this region, the Trou de Blaireaux at Vaucelles and the Grotte de Sy Verlaine, have been suggested as two of the earliest human occupation sites after the Last Glacial Maximum in northern Europe. The dating evidence from these two sites, alongside other late Magdalenian sites in the immediate area is reviewed and found to be highly problematic. More recent radiocarbon work using AMS is described and the results discussed. On this basis it is suggested that there is no direct evidence for human presence in this region prior to the start of the Bölling Interstadial phase of the Lateglacial, circa 13,000 BP.
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