I'm not sure what you mean by equality.

I think men and women have strengths and weaknesses that we've spent thousands of years tuning to each other's needs and expectations. Right now though, these cues just seem to be out of sync. I think neither side is sure who's supposed to take the lead (especially for young men and women with dating). If we could address these differences and expectations, both sides would at least have an idea of how to conduct themselves around the opposite sex.

What I don't agree with is the attempts to make men and women equal. I think when neither side is allowed to follow habits and feelings that are engrained into them biologically, it results in the confusion and frustration that we're seeing today. And instead of looking at biology, we say it's just sexism cause, ya know, human beings are above the laws of nature.

I think women should be allowed to compete in all areas men do, and we should be prepared to respect the choices people make (stop trying to push women into STEM fields). The men who do those jobs have no lives. No wonder women don't want to do it. I say let it be.