Information sciences predates computers. I recalled that Nightengale used statistics from a report i wrote in middle school. I did not recall it being a groundbreaking thing.
Charles Joseph Minard's grapic of the French invasion of Russia is breathtaking. What do you think of these and charts in general? Have you read 'Damned Lies and Statistics'?

A good graphic can tell a story, bring a lump to the throat, even change policies. Here are three of history's best

IT WAS at a dinner party in 1856 that Florence Nightingale met William Farr. The Lady of the Lamp was already famous for nursing British soldiers wounded in the Crimea; Farr, the Compiler of Abstracts in the General Registry Office, was widely recognised as an innovative statistician. Both cared deeply about improving the world through sanitation; both understood the importance of meticulous records in providing the evidence needed to bring about change.

Farr was the first to compile “mortality tables”, listing causes of death in the general population; Nightingale compared his numbers with her own on the deaths of soldiers to great effect. By showing that even in peacetime a soldier faced twice the risk of dying in a given year as a civilian, she campaigned successfully for better conditions in barracks. The pair were instrumental in setting up a royal commission of inquiry into sanitary conditions during the Crimean war.
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