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Meh, I feel that I cannot cope with growing older. Soon I'll be 30 and it feels like the best time of my life has been lived. Anyone understands what I mean or am I just hysterical? What awaits me? Growing older, my parents..., my family, my friends. My parents are above 60 now. I remember the time when they were in their 40's and YOUNG! Fuck.... Sometimes I'm not even sure if I want to become really old. The feeling that you have seen enough of the world, anyone can relate with that?

I better stop now, I'm too sentimental at times.
Yes, better stop now. Otherwise forum's ''real Christians'' will crucify you for heretical ideas like those. We should ''stay'' alive (really living? ... now who cares about that minor matter) as long as possible ... not matter are we total vegetables and laying in machines in hospitals.