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Thread: Have You Ever Been Arrested/Been to Prison/Jail?

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    Yes, sadly I was arrested by ICE in the US. It's the immigration section in the Homland Security in the US.

    It started with I wanted to study at college in the US. The embassy in my country were complete assholes for no reason at all. I applied the same visa three times and on the last one they even denied me a visa I didn't even apply for (for vocational school). I went to the US as a tourist and tried to solve it from there since they are too incompetent in my country. I sent in all the documents to USCIS.

    After a while I started to call them at least three times to make sure the documents reached them (if not my tourist visa would end and I would become an illegal) so it was crucial they got them. They said yes all the times. Since I moved to a different location I made sure they would send me the receipt to the correct address. As a foreigner I sent in a change of address for to the authorities (I think it went to South or North Carolina but don't remember exactly). But around 1.5 month later when I still waited for the receipt from them I was sick for a few days. Me and my American girlfriend were going to eat something at a fastfood restaurant and we went out to the car. I was just going to get in to the car which was parked on the side of the street when a black car with no lights suddenly came from nowhere and blocked the car in front of us. Two Homeland Security agents jumped out and said I was under arrest. It was like a movie except they didn't used their guns.

    I went to their office downtown (Cleveland, OH btw). Then I found out the documents I had sent in to USCIS were completely gone. That gave me a problem since I was suddenly an illegal. I had no opportunity to get copies to the documents which I regret. They lost the documents I had called about at least three times about. Then I knew it wasn't the postal service who lost them unless they lied to me on the phone.

    They took me to the city jail. About 1.5 day later they suddenly said they were going to release me but instead they took me to a county jail across the state. They took me to administrated segregation. At first I thought it was because I was still sick and it was for protecting others because of this. A few days later I found out the ICE had googled my name and read about me. The problem is 99% of everything about me online are pure lies. They thought I was a really bad guy because they believed in the lies. I demanded a meeting with the ICE and got a phone meeting with them. They even brought the FBI to the meeting. The FBI meeting was a nice guy and after that meeting the FBI seemed to lose the interest for me. The FBI agent had been political himself but I think he was a Conservative but I'm not sure about it.

    Despite the ICE knew since then I wasn't a bad guy they still kept me in administrated segregation. I was in jail for almost four months because I refused to sign the deportation order. During that time I got a chronic desease I will suffer for the rest of my life unless there will be a cure. Because I took it to immigration court I lost because I was denied showing my documents properly. While in jail I applied for new documents and in total I was "illegal" for only 1.5 month or so. I was sentenced to deportation and being banned to entering the US for ten years. I found out afterwards that if I had signed that document immediately I would have been in jail for few days and then be deported and banned for only five years.

    I can apply for "mercy" and ask for permission to return to the US before the ban ends. It's very expensive and I do have good chances to be approved. I was considered illegal for less than 6 months. I didn't commit any crimes in the US. I didn't cause any troubles in jail. I was friendly to everyone in jail except one pedophile that everyone hated not only for his crimes but also he was very annoying. I may have 70-80% chance to be approved to end the ban before the ten years ends. But I don't feel like paying hundreds of dollars because of returning to the US earlier. I have had enough for American bureaucracy that is even worse than in my country. Now I only have a few years left on the ban.

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