Some members of this forum start threads when they are going to be away for some time. Not everyone reads these threads however and they're soon to be lost among the daily Lounge activity. There are 2 new profile fields where members can state whether or not they are available. If you are e.g. on holiday and you choose this option, it will be added to your profile and members will see it when they view it to try to PM you, etc. It will also be visible in the postbit so people can see when posting whether or not they might be getting a reply soon etc. Additionally, there is an absence message field in your profile where you can fill in additional details (when you will be returning from your holiday or hiatus for example) and when people click on your profile they will be able to read it. If you would like to use this option, go to your User CP > Edit Profile and scroll down to the last 2 options under "Additional Information". See my profile for an example of how it will look like.