What is the purpose of this section?
This section is dedicated to examining and discussing anything concerning the Germanic diaspora and enclaves, as well as the Germanic influences upon various ethnicities, cultures, countries or regions, whether historical, social, linguistic, political or cultural.

What is the difference between Germanic diaspora, enclaves and influences? Which fits where?
The Germanic diaspora are people whose ancestry hails from a certain Germanic country but who now live in many different parts of the world. A Germanic enclave is an enclosed territory that is/has been culturally distinct from the foreign territory that surrounds it. Its Germanic inhabitants are part of the Germanic diaspora, and generally practice the culture of their ancestors. Germanic languages are sometimes recognized officially in such territories.

Countries with a Germanic influence are countries where the culture, habits, politics etc. of the Germanics have had a significant impact, however, its people are not (predominantly) Germanic themselves. Some of these countries may also be home to Germanic enclaves, but it is not a rule.

I am a native of a non-Germanic country that has a Germanic enclave or influence (e.g. France, Finland). Does this mean I can discuss in my language here?
Sorry, no. While we do welcome discussion pertinent to these countries/ethnicities/etc. that have a Germanic influence, remember that what we want to focus on is the Germanic part and that this is a Germanic speaking forum. Discussing the Germanic influence on your languages from a linguistic point of view is welcome and even encouraged though.