No, I don't.

I only did it once, or twice (to finish the process), but the intention was not to dye my hair, I only wanted to use henna as a natural treatment for my hair. The result was a reddish nuance that didn't go out of my hair for several years. I like it better with my natural golden shining in the sun than with the reddish shining that was a result of the henna. I don't think I am going to use henna again. However, I would only use something 100% natural, not chemical things.

Lemon juice and vinegar are good for lightening your hair colour, I've tried them several times, but the difference is not so obvious.

I love blonde hair, but I don't intend to try it on my hair, unless it would be almost completely white/grey, and not difficult to turn to blonde. But from medium/light brown to blonde... I really prefer natural blonde shades to the ones resulted from hair dying, so the only thing I would consider doing is trying 100% natural things, as mentioned before.

Hopefully I can admire blonde hair on other persons. I like my hair in the sun, when it shines golden. I'm glad now it's the natural nuance again, no more henna left in my hair.

Turning grey/white early, like my father did, but I do not complain about that, I actually like it. Women use to dye their hair when turning grey, but I like my white/grey hair, as it is lighter, hehe.