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Thread: Immigration, Multiculturalism, and the End of Free Speech in Europe

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    Immigration, Multiculturalism, and the End of Free Speech in Europe

    By Filip Dewinter and Frank Vanhecke

    Five years ago, in 2002, Pat Buchanan wrote his bestselling book “The Death of the West.” The book was a warning for America, telling Americans that demographic decline and rising immigration would lead to the end of Western civilization. Europe served as the nightmare scenario, the model that America has to avoid if its wants to avert disaster. Buchanan was a visionary. Since then, numerous books have been written about the problems that Europe is facing with its massive inflow of aliens.

    Books such as Tony Blankley’s “The West’s Last Chance.” Claire Berlinski’s “Menace in Europe,” Bruce Bawer’s “While the West Slept,” and Mark Steyn’s “America Alone.” They all describe how Europe is gradually turning into Eurabia. Frank Vanhecke and I come from Europe. Every day we see that Eurabia is not a myth. It is becoming reality before our very eyes.

    Everywhere in Europe birthrates have sunk below replacement levels. At the same time, thousands of third-world people, most of them Muslims, have immigrated to Europe. Europe is about to be taken over, without a fight, by aliens who are hostile to Western civilization. Falling birthrates are causing Europe’s indigenous population to decline rapidly. By contrast, the number of Muslims is increasing rapidly due to immigration and high birthrates. Whereas the immigrant population is very young, the indigenous European population is aging. Our children are about to become a minority in the land of their ancestors. We are becoming foreigners in our own land.

    Mark Steyn’s “America Alone,” which repeats Buchanan’s thesis about demography and immigration, may give the impression that Steyn considers what is happening in Europe almost to be a great joke. Eurabia, however, is not a myth, and neither is it a joke. For us, who live in Europe, it is not funny. I am from Flanders, the heart of Western Europe. Mark Steyn’s mother is from Flanders, too. His grandparents lived in Sint-Niklaas, a town 30 kilometers to the West of Antwerp, where I live. Steyn has been there. He knows how bad the situation is compared to two or three decades ago. But Steyn lives in America. He can afford to be a “happy warrior.”

    We are not “happy warriors.” We are fighting for survival, and for the survival of our children. We are living on a dying continent, but we are not dead yet. I represent a party, the Vlaams Belang, that is fighting back. We are fighting for our homes. We are the vanguard, we are in the front line. Antwerp is where the battle is being fought. And so is Rotterdam, and Paris, London, Munich, Copenhagen, Rome and Madrid.

    On 6 April 2004 the Council of Europe presented a report revealing that the average fertility rate among Europeans is 1.5 children. As we know, to maintain the population level a fertility rate of at least 2.1 children per woman is needed. In 2003 the European population still grew with 0.23%. This limited growth, however, is to be attributed chiefly to the two million non-Western immigrants who came to Europe in that year. Yes, you heard that right: two million non-Western immigrants in one single year. The natural growth in Europe itself was negative: there were 63,000 more deaths than births. And without the high birthrate among the many Muslims residing in Europe the gap between the two would have been even greater.

    The 2004 World Population Prospects of the United Nations predicts that, at the current fertility rate, the European population will decline from 728 million to 606 million between 2005 and 2050. This is a decline of 17%. This decline will be especially rapid in Eastern Europe. Bulgaria will lose 40% of its population, Rumania almost 30% and Poland 25%. The situation in Western Europe is as bad, but there the Muslims make up the balance. In the West-European countries the declining birthrate among the indigenous peoples is compensated by large-scale immigration and by high birthrates among the immigrants, but even there the population will decline. Germany will lose 13% of its population and Spain over one tenth.

    On 23 June 2005 the German Minister for Immigration presented a report which indicates that the number of people in Germany with immigrant backgrounds has risen to over 14 million. That is almost one in every five inhabitants. In some of Germany’s cities over 40% of the young people come from immigrant families, chiefly Muslim ones. This percentage is increasing.

    In barely a few decades the Muslim population in Europe grew from some hundred thousand to many millions. How many Muslims are there in Europe? Estimates vary from 15 million to 50 million. The annual report of the US on religious freedom estimates that 23 million Muslims currently live in Europe.

    In many European cities non-Western immigrants currently comprise one third to over half of the population. In Brussels, the capital of Europe, 57% of the population is of foreign (chiefly non-European) extraction. The name most frequently given to newborn boys in Brussels in 2006 (and in the five preceding years) is Mohammed. The same is true in nearby Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

    Islam is like a cuckoo who lays its egg in the European nest, but once the egg is hatched it treats its host with utter contempt. Mullah Krekar, an Islamist who lives in Norway, told the Danish newspaper Dagbladet last year – quote – : “Look at the development in Europe’s population, where the number of Muslims is growing like mosquitoes. Each Western woman in the EU produces on average 1.4 children. Every Muslim woman in the same countries is producing 3.5 children. In 2050, 30% of the population in Europe will be Muslims.” – unquote.

    Radical Muslims regard Europe as mission territory. Not one European country has succeeded in assimilating the Islamic minorities into its society. Muslims develop Islamic communities – societies within society – with mosques, their own cultural centers, their own shops, banks, travel agents, their own social life. Contacts with the indigenous European population are kept to a minimum.

    Saudi Arabia and other strictly religious Muslim countries, such as Iran, invest huge sums of money to subsidize the building of mosques in Europe. The prayers in these mosques are often led by extremist imams. Muslim youngsters are in touch with radical Muslim groups through the internet. In this manner the radical Islamists infiltrate in Europe’s Muslim communities. European Muslims almost all have satellite dishes. On a daily basis they are exposed to the radical, Islamic Arabic views on such issues as the Palestinian question or the situation in Kashmir.

    Radical Islam has an increasing influence on policy making in the European states, both through the use of violence and through infiltration in the established political parties. The Socialist parties in particular have numerous Muslim candidates as they hope to win the votes of the Muslim electorate. Research in the Netherlands and in Belgium shows that about 80% of the Muslims vote for Socialist parties. This leads to a complete blending of interests between Socialism and Islam.
    In many European towns riots involving Muslim youths have become a routine occurrence.

    In November 2005 the riots in France were so widespread that the Jewish French philosopher Alain Finkielkraut described them as – quote – “an insurrection of an ethnic religious nature”. – unquote. Muslim rioters went on a rampage through the towns, burning almost 9,000 cars and buses as well as buildings. They fought battles with the riot police. Many of France’s and Europe’s cities contain zones where the state or the police have lost all authority.

    Islam is a primitive religion. European rules and values and way of life are superior to it, but there is a real danger that the combined demographic development and rise of radical Islam may lead to the Islamization of Europe and lead us back to the Dark Ages.

    Last April Libya’s dictator Muammar Gadaffi told al-Jazeera – quote – : “We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. They are a sign that Allah will give Islam victory over Europe – without swords, without cannons, without conquest. The 50 million Muslims in Europe will turn Europe Muslim within a few decades. Allah is mobilizing Muslim Turkey to add that to the European Union. That is an addition of 50 million more Muslims. Then there will be 100 million Muslims in Europe.” – unquote.

    In 2005 Bat Ye’or, an Egyptian Jewish scholar specializing in the history of non-Muslims in the Middle East, published a book called “Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis.” Her term “Eurabia” refers to the European policy, driven by France, to form a coalition with the Arab countries so as to increase Europe’s power versus the United States. Now the term has come to denote the amalgamation of Europe and the Muslim world, with the concomitant process of Islamization in Europe.
    Bernard Lewis, formerly a professor of Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Princeton and author of many books on Islam and the Middle East predicts – quote: “Europe will be a part of the Arab West, of the Maghreb.

    Migration and demographics point in this direction. Europeans marry late and have no or few children. But there is also a high rate of immigration: Turks in Germany, Arabs in France and Pakistanis in England. They marry young and have many children. Current trends indicate that Europe’s population will include a Muslim majority by the end of the 21st century at the latest.” – unquote.

    The Vlaams Belang opposes the Islamization of Europe, and in particular of our country, Flanders. Who or what is the Vlaams Belang? Frank will tell you more about this in a minute, but basically we stand for three things.
    Firstly, we are a Flemish secessionist party. We want Flanders, the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, to become an independent nation because we believe that Flemish independence constitutes the best guarantee for the prosperity and the future of the Flemish people.

    Secondly, we defend traditional values. We regard the family as the cornerstone of society. Europe’s problems result from its demographic decline. Without strong families and sound moral principles we will not be able to turn the tide. Our party has always opposed abortion and aberrations such as gay marriages. Indeed, we are the only party in Belgium to do so. Even the so-called Christian-Democrat Party does not stand for the traditional moral values. We are the only party in our country that can be described as “Conservative” in the American meaning of this word, while all our other parties are “Liberal” in the American meaning of the word. They all adhere to what Europeans would call the social-democratic consensus. The Vlaams Belang is a Conservative party of Flemish patriots. It emphasizes the importance of law and order. It sees it as the government’s duty to safeguard the citizens’ safety through a no-tolerance approach to crime.

    Thirdly, we oppose immigration, especially immigration from countries with cultures that are alien and even hostile to our European heritage. Flanders is not an immigration country. Flanders is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. An excessively large presence of Muslims within Flemish and European borders constitutes a serious threat to our national security. The Vlaams Belang demands that any foreigner wishing to settle in Flanders learns our language, accepts our culture and customs and shows loyalty to Flanders, his new country. Those who cannot accept this have no place in our society and should return to their own countries. We also demand a humane but firm deportation of illegal immigrants.

    All over Europe ordinary people realize that the policies we propose are the only solution for the present mess. This is why parties opposed to Islamization keep winning the elections. The Vlaams Belang hasn’t lost a single election in 25 years. This has made us the enemy of the ruling establishment who feel that their days of supremacy are over if we are not stopped. The European electorates are in revolt against the Liberal elites that are governing them. Now these Liberals are creating another electorate for themselves. That is why all over Europe voting rights are being extended to non-citizens, why acquiring citizenship is being made ridiculously easy, and why so many subsidies are bestowed on immigrants.

    The ruling Liberal elites hope to buy the adherence of the ever growing group of Muslims in our countries by inundating the immigrants with subsidies and giving them everything they ask for. Pampering the Muslims, and granting them their every wish, including the introduction of Sharia rules, has also become a way of punishing the indigenous population for turning against the ruling elites. In our schools today our children are being given halal meals because the Muslims demand them and the authorities give in.

    When in my home town, Antwerp, the Vlaams Belang became the biggest party, all the other parties teamed up against it. In 2000 the Socialist mayor of Antwerp told the press that our party is – quote “overrepresented because the immigrants are not allowed to vote.” – unquote. The next year, the authorities voted a bill which makes it a simple formality for foreigners to become Belgian citizens.

    They created so many so-called “new Belgians” that in last October’s local elections in Belgium we lost our status of the largest party to the Socialists. The immigrant vote tipped the balance in favor of the Left. Belgium, like most Europeqn countries has a multi-party system and proportional representation. In Antwerp we won 33.5% of the vote, compared to 33.0% in 2000. This may look like a small gain, but it is significant since the demographic makeup of Belgium’s cities is rapidly and dramatically changing. The municipality of Antwerp has half a million inhabitants. Every year on average 4,000 indigenous Flemings move out of Antwerp, while 5,000 immigrants settle there. Most immigrants are Muslims. These people do not vote for a party like ours – a party that has no Muslims on its list, that opposes multiculturalism and demands that immigrants assimilate and respect the values of their host country.

    According to the marxist sociologist Jan Hertogen – quote – “The immigrants saved democracy in Belgium” – unquote. Hertogen calculated that if the franchise had not been extended to immigrants the Vlaams Belang would have polled 40.4% in Antwerp instead of 33.5%. With 40% of the votes, while the remaining 60% was divided among five other parties, we would have been able to run the city. The establishment was able to prevent this by using the immigrants.

    In Antwerp one third of the Socialist councilors are now Muslims, as are one third of the Christian-Democrat councilors. In Brussels the situation is even worse. More than one fifth of all the municipal councilors are immigrants of non-European origin. Most of them are Muslims, and most of them have been elected as Socialists. In the Brussels borough of Sint-Joost-ten-Node (where the party headquarters of the Vlaams Belang is located) 11 of the 16 Socialist municipal councilors are non-European immigrants, as are 4 of the 5 Christian-Democrats, 2 of the 3 Greens and 2 of the 3 Liberals. In Ghent, one quarter of the Socialist councilors are Muslims. In Vilvoorde, a Flemish town 20 kms north of Brussels, half the Socialist representatives are Muslims. Many of these Muslims have radical islamist sympathies.

    The non-European immigrants vote overwhelmingly Socialist, owing to the fact that many of them migrated to Western Europe attracted by the subsidies of its generous welfare states. The immigrants have become the electoral life insurance of European Socialism. And the Socialists are selling out to the Islamists.

    Time is running out for Europe. However, the battle has not been lost. If Europe implements the right policies it can still be saved. Europe is not lost, because we are still there. Pat Buchanan wrote about the “Death of the West” but the West isn’t dead yet, because we are still there. Mark Steyn says America is alone, but America isn’t alone yet. We are still there.

    One can no longer ignore the facts out of a false concept of “tolerance.” As Filip Dewinter just said, time is running out. Whether we like it or not: Europe is at war. At war with a gang of religious fanatics who are out to destroy our values, our democracy, our society.

    At the same time, however, the European establishment is at war with people who, like us, are prepared to oppose the intolerant fanatics. They call us “intolerant,” because we oppose intolerance. They call us “Fascists,” because we oppose Islamo-fascism. They call us the “children of holocaust perpetrators,” because we oppose Islamists who are preparing a new holocaust against the Jews.

    Because our party is the most successful of Europe’s anti-immigration parties we have been persecuted the most severely of them all. We are the largest party in Flanders and also in Belgium as a whole. Because our growth threatens the existence of Belgium the authorities regard us as a mortal enemy.

    In 2004 the Supreme Court in Brussels declared the Vlaams Blok, the predecessor of our party, a criminal organization. The Vlaams Blok was convicted on the basis of an anthology of no more than 16 different texts published by various Vlaams Blok chapters between 1996 and 2000. Though many of these texts simply quoted official statistics on crime rates and social welfare expenditure, the court judges that they were published with – quote – “an intention to contribute to a campaign of hatred.” – unquote.

    One of the texts, which dealt with the position of women in fundamentalist Muslim societies, was written by a female Turkish-born Vlaams Blok sympathizer who had herself been raised in such an environment. The court said in its verdict that we had published her story – quote – “not to inform the public about the position of women in the Islamic world, but to depict the image of non-indigenous people as unethical and barbarian.” – unquote. This assertion was disgraceful. The court cannot know what our intentions are in publishing a true story nor in quoting official statistics. How can one be a criminal by telling people the truth? Unless telling the truth itself has become a crime.

    Following the verdict that declared the Vlaams Blok a criminal organization, our party – and let me remind you, we were the largest party in the land – was forced to disband. However, we promptly founded another party, the Vlaams Belang.
    At this moment we are again in court. Filip Dewinter caused the latest court case against our party. We were taken to court because of a statement he made last year in an interview with The Jewish Week, an American Jewish weekly based in New York. When the journalist asked him whether “Jews should vote for a party that espouses xenophobia” Filip answered – quote: “Xenophobia is not the word I woud use. If it absolutely must be a ‘phobia,’ let it be ‘Islamophobia.’”

    Within 24 hours the Socialists had taken us to court, because Islamophobia, whatever it may be, is a criminal offence in Belgium. We are now standing trial before the Council of State, a Belgian administrative court. It will soon rule whether or not to defund our party. This is an attempt to kill the Vlaams Belang by depriving it of its finances.

    In Belgium it is illegal for political parties to accept private donations. Parties are subsidized by the state in accordance with the number of voters gained in the last elections. Parties that are considered to be “enemies of the state” can, however, be defunded on the grounds that it is illogical for the state to fund its own enemies.

    Exactly one week ago I was in court, standing trial as a criminal, because I say what my voters, the voters of the biggest party in our country, want me to say. The court will soon issue its verdict. We are sure that we will be convicted because it is a political trial, instigated by a regime that considers it a crime to tell the truth.

    We are being brought to court because we address issues that many European voters care about. Europe is gradually becoming a totalitarian society. We think Americans should be aware of this. What is happening to us, in our country, can happen to you, in your country, too, if you are not careful. However, there is also a positive way of looking at this. The fact that we are constantly being dragged to court is because our enemies consider us to be dangerous.

    They fear the truth, but in the end the truth will prevail. As Filip said, we are still there. We are fighting. We are fighting for the survival of the West. We are fighting for ourselves and our children, we are fighting for Europe, but we are also fight for you, and for America. And that is why we feel we deserve your support. Help us survive. Tell America what is happening to us. If you do not remain silent, the Belgian authorities will never be able to silence us.

    When men cease to fight — they cease to be — Men.
    “Critics are like eunuchs in a harem; they know how it's done, they've seen it done every day, but they're unable to do it themselves.” Brendan Behan

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    American pastor banned from Europe over his views on LGBT and jews

    American pastor banned from Europe over free speech

    An American Baptist pastor has been banned from preaching in the Netherlands or from entering Europe’s 26-state Schengen Zone, over his views against the LGBT and Jewish communities.

    Steven Anderson, was due to preach in Amsterdam on May 23 as part of his European tour, which also included public events in Sweden and Ireland. Concerned over the pastor’s well-documented hate statements, gay rights advocates and a number of MPs
    urged the Dutch government to ban him from entering the Benelux country.

    On Wednesday the government adopted “measures” barring the 37-year-old pastor from entering the Schengen Zone, a 26-country area of Europe where visa-free travel is allowed.

    Anderson, who has yet to receive official notice from the Dutch regarding his ban, slammed Amsterdam’s decision which is preventing him from “teaching the Gospel.” “If they are going to reject a Bible-believing creature from coming and preaching the word of God, then it’s their loss,” the pastor said, warning the Dutch that they’re “going to end up the same way [as] Sodom and Gomorrah,” code for sinners being destroyed by God’s wrath.

    The California native is no stranger to being banned from countries. Jamaica, South Africa and the UK have barred from him from entry in the past. He was also deported from Botswana.

    RT - ‘You’ll end up like Sodom and Gomorrah’: American pastor banned from Europe over hate speech 02 May 2019.

    Probably an ordinary Baptist Minister stating the Baptist Christian belief.

    Believe what your told by MSM.

    The mouthpiece of the globalist elite MSM must have a monopoly and any competing opinions are prohibited.

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    Justice minister orders ban on anti-LGBT preacher from speaking in Ireland

    This is discrimination against the good Christian Baptist religion and ‘free speech’ by the totalitarian EUssr which doesn’t permit opposition or dissent.

    Mozlem clerics say the same things about LGBT but that won’t be written up, nor will they be banned from entering the country.

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