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Thread: Peripherally Germanic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veritas Aequitas View Post
    I agree with Blood Axis on this one because you can't be "sort of pregnant", you either are or you aren't.
    Agree. You also can't be "sort of dead", not to mention "sort of Germanic".
    Peripherally Germanic is just a term made up by wannabes who ain't Germanic but want to be accepted within the "movement".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fallen Angel View Post
    Agree. You also can't be "sort of dead", not to mention "sort of Germanic".
    Peripherally Germanic is just a term made up by wannabes who ain't Germanic but want to be accepted within the "movement".
    Thanks for the wannabees. Extending the debate outside of family matters, couldn't we consider the whole of Europe as being periphically Germanic ?

    There is no part of Western Europe, as well as of Eastern Europe, that has not been occupied at one time or another by a Germanic tribe and submitted to Germanic settlements. Traditional estimation credit Roman countries like France, Italy, Spain and even Portugal with about ten percent of descendants of Germanic settlers (Franks, Lombards, Visigoths, Suebians , ...), notwithstanding other nordic phylum's represented by earlier settlements of Kelts and other IE. The same can be observed among Slavic and finnic countries, where the Gothic and the Varangian substratum seem to have left very important traces among the population. The genetic contribution may of course vary from one place to another (Germanic settlers generally preferred rivers and valleys), while differential demography may minor or increase this influence depending on time. For example, how would we classify Italians if, following a cataclysm, only the population of South Tirol and Trentino survived ? Such causes of demographic unbalances happened several times during the recent history and may reproduce at any time (although we do not wish any form of cataclysm harming southern Italians): remember the Great Plague, the Thirty years war, the Ottoman occupation , the industrial revolution and WW2 ...

    From a cultural point of view, no doubt that most of Europe, if not most of the Christian world has been germanicized. More than one half of the saints of the calendar wear Germanic names, while a large part of the roman and the Slavic vocabulary is infested with Germanic words.

    Of course, a purely linguistic approach is not sufficient: Afro American slangs, even when very close from certain Germanic dialects, are certainly not sufficient to establish Germanicity. But, complemented with the nordic spots that have spread everywhere in Europe during the Dark Ages, yes, the whole of Europe and, most parts of Northern America can be considered as being Germanic or, at least, as periphically Germanic. Wannabees can, through self selection and cultural commitment, contribute to such a re-germanicization of Europe.
    "Within a century, Europe might become a myth, like the Atlandid of Plato. Some historians will probably doubt that it ever existed" (Pseudo Schoppenhauer Complete SMS Collection, part I)

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