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I think there are different types of intelligence. High intelligence as measured by this tests is good for a nation, likewise, low IQ is bad for a nation. But by itself, I'm not sure it is sufficient. Ingenuity and creativity is also important. Asians have high raw IQ but I think they lack in ingenuity.
Yes, simple mathematical puzzle solving skills don't tell the whole story of the brain. Unless you want to be a mathemetician or something, in many cases, once you have an IQ of about 140, its the structure of thought that really matters- creativity, rational, logical, analytical thought, etc.

IQ is a good general indicator of intelligence, but beyond that it is highly inaccurate at measuring success. Napoleon, for example, had an IQ of only about 140, but was one of the greatest strategical thinkers in the history of warfare. Men like Washington and Lincoln and other founding fathers were great thinkers, though their IQs are not estimated to be all that high. Likewise, due to the simplicity and easiness of questions on IQ tests, the smartest mathemeticians and such may not be the ones with the highest IQ scores, because at that level time makes all the difference.