Death Before Dishonour
By David Myatt

An honourable person - that is, someone who lives and acts like an warrior - is prepared to die for honour. Such individuals are thus noble and civilized - they believe in and accept the principle of Death Before Dishonour. For such individuals, this is not a slogan, political or otherwise - it is a sincere expression of how they feel about life itself, and of what is most important to them. Honour expresses the essence of what it is to be a warrior.

Honour itself is the setting of noble standards of personal behaviour and personal conduct, and these standards derive from and the pursuit of individual excellence - that is, from loyalty and from an understanding of and striving to do one's duty, regardless of the problems or the personal difficulties involved. Someone who so strives to do their idealistic duty is someone who embodies what is best, what is excellent.

To live and act like an warrior - that is, with nobility of character - means upholding and living by this principle of Death Before Dishonour. Nothing else is more important - not personal happiness, not personal love, not personal comfort and wealth.

This principle expresses the spirit, or ethos, of the warrior, and to be a warrior means to live like a warrior, for however short a time. For a true warrior, personal honour is more important than their own life. A true warrior would rather live free and honourable for a short time, than live for a long time like a serf.

An individual becomes truly free and strong when they accept this principle of Death Before Dishonour and when they live their life in accord with it.

Modern Serfdom:

Ordinary, modern, life has become dishonourable - designed for and productive of dishonourable individuals who have seldom if ever understood the ennobling, civilized, ideals of honour, loyalty and duty. Such dishonourable people - who mostly live "for the moment", or to "have a good time" - are either modern serfs of the capitalist-consumer system, or modern barbarians.

Such serfs of consumerism and such modern barbarians know little if anything of honour, of duty, of self-discipline, and little if anything of battle, of that healthy lust for glory, that healthy lust for adventure which drives and which has driven most warriors. These modern individuals are in serfdom to materialism, its comforts and pleasures, just as they put their own ego, their own pleasure, their own happiness before the duties they have, as human beings. One of these duties is to have manners - for real manners mean self-discipline, and the nobility which arises from striving to follow the noble ideals of honour, loyalty and duty. Indeed, one of the distinguishing features of such serfs is their lack of manners, just as one of the distinguishing features of a true warrior is their possession of manners. Manners mean respecting others - until those others show by their personal conduct that they do not merit such respect.

Furthermore, these modern serfs neither have nor show the respect that is due to Nature herself by virtue of Nature being our provider, our sustainer - the source of of well-being and the fountain-head of our culture. For such people, Nature is either a resource to be exploited, or an inconvenience to be controlled or destroyed. A true warrior, however, has a real respect for Nature - for that Power which is beyond their own individual life and which they know they cannot control. This respect arises from two things.

(1) The understanding a warrior has of hubris - they know, or feel, that some conduct is wise, and some conduct is unwise. Wise conduct is conduct that does not 'overstep the mark' - that does not violate the customs of their culture and upset the natural balance of life and of Nature herself. They know or feel that unwise conduct - overstepping the mark - will assuredly bring the retribution of Nature, either upon them personally, or upon their culture and their own descendants.

(2) The understanding a warrior has of their own culture as part of Nature. A warrior belongs to, is rooted in, their own culture in the way that a mature oak tree belongs in, is rooted in, the soil of Earth, with this culture being a product of Nature herself, and so being dependant on Nature. This is an awareness - conscious or instinctive - of culture, all cultures, being living things which depend for their survival, health and prosperity upon the deeds of the people of that culture. Because of this, a warrior is a living embodiment of the soul, the ethos, of his culture.

The traditions of a warrior culture are a means whereby this understanding of hubris, this understanding of culture - and warrior ideals themselves - are taught and understood.

In the simple sense, a warrior understands that they have a duty to uphold the natural balance of life - to respect Nature herself. A real warrior is balanced between this respect - this desire not to commit hubris - and a desire to achieve glory and honour, (for himself and his culture) and this balance is achieved and maintained through will, through the self-discipline of striving to uphold the noble ideals of honour, loyalty and duty. And it is this balance which is the essence of the dynamic vitality of the warrior.

Our modern serfs have no notion of this duty to something beyond themselves, just as they are not prepared to give up their own lives for the sake of such glory, for the sake of adventure and for the sake of their own honour. Such people would rather "be happy" and live for a long time so as to be able to selfishly, weakly and decadently indulge themselves.

Death Before Dishonour:

Real warriors wish to die with a weapon in their hands and dead enemies around them. They wish to exult again and again in those precious, vital, god-like moments when death is possible and where they can cheat death again by their own prowess, their own skill, their own exultant defiance. Real warriors often yearn for an enemy or many enemies to try and attack them as they walk "on the streets" or elsewhere so that they can set about them with a ferocious will. They do not care if they die in the process - indeed, they would in all honesty like to die in such a way, fighting and defiant to the end, for they will try and kill and seriously injure as many of their attackers as they can.

All healthy warriors feel this way. They all wish to be ready and willing be defend themselves, and ready and willing to die in the process. Of course, the majority of our own once warrior folk do not seem to understand this anymore - let alone feel the warrior spirit of their ancestors within them. They will say something like - "he has a death wish"; or "he is mad". Then they will return to their own lives - either as serfs of the materialist System, or as dishonourable, ill-mannered barbarians addicted to indulging themselves.

What healthy warriors do not want is to die of old age, feeble and weak, without having achieved glory or done deeds to be proud of. Better to die young striving for glory than die old without glory. The majority of people nowadays seem to live too long. The warrior way is for men to seek to marry young, to strive to father as many children as possible and thereafter to seek to fight in earnest, and according to the principles of honour, or daringly quest for adventure. A warrior has a warrior spirit - they want to test themselves, rather than endure a boring life; they want glory; they want adventure. A warrior, if captured by the enemy, always strives to escape, and always strives to defy their captors, just as a warrior would rather die trying to escape than live like a caged animal or allow themselves to be humiliated and defeated.

It needs repeating again and again until a majority of people understand it, that what is of fundamental importance for a warrior culture is for warriors to live, behave and die like warriors - with dignity, honour and having striven to leave something worthwhile and noble behind or having done deeds of glory in the pursuit of duty.

We were once a warrior folk, with a warrior heritage and a warrior culture we were proud of. Now, only a few real warriors are left to uphold and hand-on that warrior heritage and culture. Now, these warriors struggle against the decadent, ignoble societies which have been created and which are intent on outlawing that warrior heritage and warrior culture, with these societies to break their warrior spirit and force them to live in a dishonourable way. These societies have already made most warrior customs - such as carrying weapons to defend one's own honour - illegal, and the few warriors that remain are trying to save the warrior way of life by handing on their heritage, customs and way of life to a new generation and by striving to create new communities where they can live according to the customs of their culture.

Our Struggle:

Our struggle is not fundamentally about some political programme or about some political idea. It is about our unique warrior spirit - it is about being a warrior, and having the freedom to live like warriors, true to our heritage, traditions and customs. Our struggle is about saving our culture and making our people into warriors again, and creating a truly warrior society where the basis of all laws and all behaviour is honour.

Our struggle is about being honourable and thus doing our noble duty. Our fundamental duty is to strive for excellence, for ourselves and our culture, our race, for by so striving we are fulfilling the purpose of our lives - we are continuing the work of evolution which we, as individuals, represent, and which our own warrior culture represents.

We strive for excellence when we join together in a group to seek adventure and conquest, or to fight our enemies: for then we have to overcome obstacles, difficulties and challenges through the power, through the triumph of our organized will - that is, through comradeship and self-discipline. We strive for excellence when we ourselves strive to be the best, and when we strive to raise up, to advance further, our own people, our own culture, by aiding or helping to create an honourable, noble, society for our people to live in. We strive for excellence, and aid evolution, when we respect our own culture, our own race, which Nature has produced.

We are being the best of our people when we embody our warrior spirit - when we are proud, and defiant and when we uphold and live by the principle of Death Before Dishonour. We are being barbaric and un-civilized when we place our own happiness, our own pleasure, before honour and duty, and when we are afraid of dying for an ideal.

The question we must ask ourselves - and others - is: "Are we, are you, willing to be domesticated and enslaved?" If we are not willing to be enslaved, we must rediscover our warrior heritage, our warrior spirit - and live by the warrior principle of "Death Before Dishonour!"

If we truly live our own lives by this warrior, principle, and if we strive together in real comradeship, we can create a new way of life, a new homeland, which truly expresses our warrior spirit. This new homeland will enable us to live as we should live: in an honourable way, with respect for Nature. If this means rebelling against our governments with their repressive, ignoble laws, their pursuit of materialism, and their disrespect for Nature, then it must be. If this means us risking imprisonment - and being imprisoned - because we refuse to compromise and refuse to bow down before the dishonourable cowardly bullies who run our governments and who enforce the dishonourable laws of the government, then this must be. If this means us proudly and defiantly calling ourselves racists and National-Socialists, then it must be.

What we must never do is compromise our principles and ideals - we must never live as the modern serfs and the modern barbarians live, ill-mannered, careless, disrespectful of Nature and unmindful of personal honour and of our duty to our folk.