Examination of National-Socialism, Christianity and Islam

by David Myatt


It is my view, which I have expounded in various writings, that National-Socialism is a complete and unique Way of Life - or Weltanschauung - with its own ethics, based upon the ideal of personal honour, and with its own Theology, based upon what I have called "The Cosmic Being". This Being is not the same as the God of Christianity, nor the Allah of Islam.

In the past few years, there has been some interest among some Western academics and some Muslims - generated by events in America and the Muslim world - as to whether National-Socialists and Muslims can find some common ground and thus form an alliance against what has been called "The New World Order". This present work will attempt, briefly, to outline the theology of National-Socialism, and show how it differs from Christianity and Islam.

I have tried to avoid using the term "religion" in discussing both National-Socialism and Islam, since I believe it to be not only inappropriate, but inaccurate, since they are both complete Ways of Life, and there has been a tendency in the West - an erroneous one in my view - to separate "religion" from such things as "the State". For both National-Socialism and Islam, the State (or more correctly, society) is but a means of manifesting, or making real in the world, the truths contained in their respective Ways. That is, there is no division between "religion" and "the State" with its "politics" and "economics". I have also used the term Allah to describe the supreme Being of Islam, and the term God the describe the supreme Being of Christianity, for in my view - despite many attempts to equate them - they are theologically distinct.

In many ways, my National-Socialist writings have evolved National-Socialism itself, presenting it as a complete Weltanschauung, and freeing it from the misinterpretations and anti-evolutionary concepts of the past. It should also be noted that I write "National-Socialism" instead of the more conventional "National Socialism" to distinguish this new evolutionary Way of Life from the "National Socialism" described by, and often upheld by, others.

The Origin and Meaning of Life:

The essential starting point for a Way of Life is to pose, and answer, the questions about the origin and meaning of life - or, more specifically, about our lives, as human beings on this planet we call Earth.

According to National-Socialism, life evolved naturally on this planet, from finite beginnings we as yet do not precisely understand. The essence of the National-Socialist perspective about our origins is reason - or rather, what used to be called Natural Philosophy: through observation, experiment and the use of reason, or logic we can understand our world, the Cosmos, and ourselves. Thus, National-Socialism is a rationalist Way of Life which accepts: (i) that the Cosmos (or Reality) exists independently of us and our consciousness, and thus independent of our senses; (ii) our limited understanding of this 'external world' depends for the most part upon our senses - that is, on what we can see, hear or touch; that is, on what we can observe or come to know via our senses; (iii) logical argument - reason - and experiment are the best means to knowledge and understanding of and about this 'external world'; (iv) the Cosmos is, of itself, a reasoned order subject to rational laws.

According to both Islam and Christianity, we, our world, and the Cosmos, were created, by a Supreme Being.

For National-Socialism, the meaning, the purpose, of our lives is to further evolution: both our own, and that of our folk. This is so because according to National-Socialism we are not isolated individuals, but rather a nexion - a connexion between the past and the future. We can, by our life and deeds, make a difference: aiding evolution, or not aiding evolution. That is, the perspective of National-Socialism is the perspective of Nature, and the Cosmos beyond, for we are regarded as part of our folk, our folk is part of Nature, and Nature part of the Cosmos. There is thus in National-Socialism a Cosmic perspective as distinct from the individualistic perspective of both Islam and Christianity. For both Islam and Christianity see our lives as a means for us, as individuals, to attain Jannah (Paradise) or Heaven. The main motivation of Muslims and Christians is to do what their Ways of Life inform they should do because then they, as individuals, will be rewarded with Paradise, and Heaven.

In contrast, National-Socialism is ultimately supra-personal and thus, in my view, is an evolutionary Way of Life: enabling us as individuals and as a species to evolve. The ultimate goal of National-Socialism - our Destiny as human beings - is for us to explore and settle the Cosmos itself. That is, to move toward maturity - through upholding the civilized ethics of National-Socialism, through pursuing reason and fairness, and to leave our home which is this planet.

The Cosmic Being:

One crucial difference between Islam and Christianity is the concept of incarnation - of the supreme deity being, or possibly being, incarnate in the world, and in human beings. According to Islam, Allah is not and never can be incarnate in His creation: He is totally separate from, and totally untouched by, all Creation. Whatever happens, in the world, in the Cosmos, has no affect whosoever upon Allah. According to Christianity, God became incarnate in Jesus, who is thus described as His Son. Furthermore, according to some Christian theologians, and some mystics (such as Francis of Assisi), God is incarnate in Nature just as some maintain that Jesus exists within us.

The Quran - which Muslims accept as the literal word of Allah - has this to say about incarnation:

Quote Originally Posted by Surah 112
Say - He is Allah, The Unity;
Allah - Eternal, Infinite;
He has no children, and neither was He born.
And there is no-being, no-thing, comparable to Him.
Both Allah, and God, are regarded as being infallible, and perfect: completely evolved, and not subject to change.

In contrast, the Cosmic Being of National-Socialism is regarded as the Cosmos in evolution, with Nature representing one manifestation, one incarnation, of the Cosmic Being on our planet, Earth. Thus, the Cosmos Being is not complete, not perfect - but an evolving, changing, being - just as we ourselves are the Cosmic Being in evolution, and just as Nature is this being in evolution. That is, there is a symbiotic relationship between us, as individuals, as members of our folk, between us and Nature, between us and the Cosmic Being, and between Nature and the Cosmic Being. Nature is also a being: that is, some-thing which is alive, which changes. Nature is thus that innate creative force in the natural world of our planet which causes, or is the genesis of, and controls, living organisms in certain ways. All life - on this Earth and elsewhere in the Cosmos - is regarded as connected. That is, the Cosmos is a Unity, a matrix of connexions, which affect each other. This Unity can be understood by the concept of Acausal (see below).

In one sense, our consciousness - our awareness, our rational apprehension - may be likened to the awareness of the Cosmic Being, just as honour is regarded as a manifestation, a presencing, in us and our world, of evolution: of those forces which enable us to live in a noble, civilized, way. That is, honour is one way in which the Cosmic Being is incarnate - or can be incarnate - in us, as human beings. In a very simplistic way, the Cosmic Being is an increase in order from random chaos - or, more correctly, an increase of the acausal, a manifestation or manifestations of the acausal in the causal (1).

As to the origin of the Cosmic Being, and the Cosmos itself, we simply do not know, at present - despite the many surreal (and in my view, irrational) theories advanced in the present century in an attempt to explain such things as the origins of the Cosmos (2). All we do rationally know is that we exist in one star-system in one Galaxy among many millions of Galaxies, and that Galaxies change over causal time. Until we begin to explore our Galaxy, and possibly other Galaxies, and thus can make first-hand, direct experimental observations, we simply will not know, for sure - and possibly not even then.

Crucially, there is no concept of "sin" in National-Socialism, just as there is no need for, and no concept of, "praying" to the Cosmic Being for guidance, for intercession, for forgiveness. For National-Socialism, there are only honourable or dishonourable deeds (see The Ethics of Honour, below) with honourable deeds being regarded as evolutionary, civilized - and thus manifesting our true human nature, and being conducive to order and thus increasing consciousness itself. There can be no such thing as prayer, in National-Socialism, because of the matrix, The Unity, the acausal: because the Cosmic Being is us, and Nature, in evolution, and not separate from us when we are honourable, fair, rational. We only have to follow the ethics of honour - to be reasonable, just, fair, honourable - to access the Cosmic Being, to presence this Being in our lives. This presencing is thus natural, and does not depend on prayer, or rituals, of any kind. In this sense, National-Socialism is, in my view, far in advance of - far more evolved than - other Ways of Life.

Prophets and Revelation:

Both Islam and Christianity are revelatory religions, or Ways of Life. That is, they accept that Allah, and God, have sent Messengers and Prophets to guide us, and reveal truths, such as about how we should live, and what our laws should be. Thus, both Muslims and Christians accept that we must turn to a supreme being for guidance, for the final answers, for the truth.

In addition, these revelations of a supreme being are believed to be contained in Holy Books - the Quran, and Sunnah (3), for Muslims, and the Bible, for Christians. In the case of Muslims, the Quran is regarded as perfect, while in the case of Christians, it has come to be accepted that scriptural exegesis, and interpretation, may be and often are necessary to discover the meaning, the true message, of God.

For National-Socialism, there is no revelation from a supreme being, and thus no belief in Prophets or Messengers, and no Holy Books. There is only a reasoned apprehension, an acceptance that our human nature depends upon being civilized, that is, upon us accepting the ethics of honour, and the idealism of loyalty and duty to our folk, Nature, and the Cosmos. National-Socialism accepts that we - as Aeschylus wrote - learn through the experience of suffering. That is, that we are slowly, painfully, learning, and slowly, painfully, creating a better way of life, and that while what we create may not be perfect, it will be - if we adhere to honour, reason, and fairness - civilized, and better than what existed before. As Sophocles wrote, some two thousand years ago (my translation)

There exists much that is strange, yet nothing
Is more strange than mankind:
For this being crosses the gray sea of Winter
Against the wind, through the howling sea swell,
And the oldest of gods, ageless Earth -
She the inexhaustible -
He wearies, turning the soil year after year
By the plough using the offspring of horses.

He snares and captures the careless race of birds,
The tribes of wild beasts, the natives of the sea,
In the woven coils of his nets -
This thinking warrior: he who by his skill rules over
The wild beasts of the open land and the hills,
And who places a yoke around the hairy neck
Of the horse, taming it - and the vigorous mountain bull.

His voice, his swift thought,
The raising and ordering of towns:
How to build against the ill-winds of the open air
And escape the arrows of storm-rain -
All these things he taught himself,
He the all-resourceful
From whom there is nothing he does not meet
Without resources - except Hades
From which even he cannot contrive an escape
Although from unconquered disease
He plans his refuge.

Beyond his own hopes, his cunning
In inventive arts - he who arrives
Now with dishonour, then with chivalry:
Yet, by fulfilling his duties to the soil,
His oaths to the customs given by the gods,
Noble is his clan although clan-less is he who dares
To dwell where and with whom he please -
Never shall any who do this
Come to my hearth or I share their judgement.....

Thus, for National-Socialism, there is that natural discovery which is a revealing of what is, as it is.
The standard used by both Islam and Christianity to judge a person, their deeds, and other concepts and ideas, is based upon what is or is believed to a revelation from a supreme being, whereas for National-Socialism such judgement depends upon the ethics of honour, and honour alone.

The Ethics of Honour:

The foundation - the essence - of National-Socialist ethics is the ideal of personal honour, manifest in a Code of Honour.

Honour is accepted, by National-Socialists, as the foundation for their ethics because honour is regarded as one of the those qualities which make us human, and which enable us to achieve both excellence (arête, for the Ancient Greeks) and further evolution, for ourselves and our folk.

The ethics of Islam and Christianity derive from their Holy Books, which are studied for principles, with those people mentioned in such books considered as examples, for good, or bad. For National-Socialism, the example is the individual of honour, reason, and fairness.

Honour is thus the basis for the laws of National-Socialism, and thus the basis for a National-Socialist society. There are nine fundamental principles of National-Socialist law (4) and these laws are very different from the laws of both Islamic and Christian societies.

An Islamic society is one ruled according to Shariah, which Muslims regard as the way to Allah. Furthermore, for Islam, only Allah's laws are right, and these have been given in the Quran and the Sunnah, with the perfect society - the ideal to follow - having been created by the Prophet Muhammad in Medina.

The ethics of honour determine the behaviour of each and every National-Socialist, and thus determine how National-Socialists treat other people, and especially those of other races. In this, important, respect I quote what I wrote some time ago:

Quote Originally Posted by Extract from a letter to an imprisoned Comrade, dated 111yf
As I have endeavoured to explain several times, how we as National-Socialists and Aryans relate to people of other races and other religions is determined by our own National-Socialist, Aryan ethics. Our ethics are based upon personal honour, and honour demands of us that we only ever judge a person on the basis of personal knowledge of them: and moreover, with this personal knowledge of a person extending over a period of time. If we have no personal knowledge of a person, or have only met a person once or a few times briefly, then we cannot in all honour make any judgement about them. The race, the religion, and of course the political views of the person are totally irrelevant. Honour demands that we treat people, regardless of their race, their culture, their religion, their "political views" with fairness and respect. That is, honour demands that we have manners and are polite: that we strive to act with nobility of character; that we judge people by their deeds and in particular by how they act toward us... It really is about time that we who uphold the noble way of life which is National-Socialism lived according to our own ethics and began to explain, openly and in clear words, the noble reality of National-Socialism. No matter how dire our situation may be, or appears to be, and no matter how many non-Aryans may live in what were once our own nations, we must hold fast to our own ethics and not allow ourselves be tricked into accepting the Zionist version of "National Socialism" with its hate-filled, irrational, Hollywood "nazis".
The Concept of the Folk:

The folk is considered, by National-Socialism, to be a manifestation, a presencing, of Nature, and thus represents Nature and the Cosmos in evolution. National-Socialism regards every individual as balanced between the past of their folk, and the future of their folk, and considers that their duty is to aid this folk, and thus Nature, in an honourable way.

National-Socialism conceives of our folk as a type of being - that is, it is a type of life, with its own character, nature, ethos. The health and welfare of this living being depends on us: on what we do, or do not do. If we neglect our folk, if we neglect the culture of our folk, we harm this living being.

In addition, to be healthy, to evolve further, each folk must have a homeland, a place on this planet where the people of a particular folk can dwell in harmony with Nature and their own people. Such a folkish homeland represents Nature in balance: Nature healthy and thriving, for such homelands respect Nature, and are a striving, by a National-Socialist community, to dwell on the land in such a way that Nature, and especially our life-giving soil, is respected and cared for. That is, folkish homelands are a means to maintain and increase the vitality, the evolution, of Nature.

One of the primary aims of National-Socialism is the creation of free, independent, folkish homelands where the people of a particular folk and culture can live according to their own laws and customs. These diverse homelands can and should co-operate together on the basis of reason, honour and respect.

This concept of the folk, the race, and its continued evolution, is irrelevant to Islam, which views the individual in relation to such things as Taqwa and Imaan (Taqwa: fear of Allah, resulting in devotion to Allah and His truth as revealed in Quran and Sunnah; Imaan: total trust and faith in Allah).

As I wrote in Esoteric Hitlerism:
What has hitherto not been very well understood in respect of National-Socialism, is that it is not race which defines our humanity - it is honour and reason. Race is our relation to Nature: how Nature is expressed, is manifest, in us. As such race is important and indeed vital; but so is honour. It is the combination of an acceptance of both race and honour which is National-Socialism. An affirmation of race without an affirmation honour is not National-Socialism, just as an affirmation of honour without an affirmation of race is not National-Socialism. It is this living, organic, dialectic of honour and race which defines National-Socialism itself, and a National-Socialist is an individual who strives to do their honourable duty to both their own race and Nature herself, of which other human races are a part. That is, a National-Socialist must always be honourable, whatever the consequences, or the perceived consequences
The Concept of the Acausal:

National-Socialism gives us an awareness of several types of living being which other Ways of Life ignore or consider irrelevant. This ignorance is especially true of modern materialism. These beings include Nature, our folk, the homeland where our folk dwells, and the Cosmic Being.

These types of being derive their life from the acausal - or rather, from acausal energy. That is, they are manifestations of the acausal in the causal world. In a sense, these beings are acausal life, as distinct from the causal life-forms we know, through experience and Science, and which dwell with us on this planet. To understand National-Socialism is to understand this concept of the acausal, and thus the matrix, The Unity, which the acausal is. It is the acausal which is numinous, which we apprehend through great Art, literature, music, and so on, and which can and does inspire us to quest for excellence and strive to aid our evolution. It is the acausal which is the essence of life, and it is a rational understanding, or intuitive awareness, of the acausal which enables us to place our own lives in the correct, Cosmic, context, and which provides us with the insight of how all life, causal and acausal, is connected, dependant, inter-related

An awareness of the acausal gives us an understanding of what the Ancient Greeks called hubris - that it is unwise to go to great extremes, unwise to be too arrogant, unwise to be dishonourable, or tempt "Fate". For such things upset the natural balance, and this balance will, inevitably, be restored, in our own lifetime, or beyond. This return to balance can and does bring misfortune to those who commit hubris - or their descendant, or their community, or those around them, or to Nature, for such a restoration, such a balancing, is a natural act, implicit in life itself: implicit in the nature of acausal energy.

This concept of the acausal is a rational apprehension, in contrast to the submission and faith required by both Muslims and Christians.


It should be clear that there are fundamental, and irreconcilable, differences between National-Socialism, Islam, and Christianity. National-Socialism, as I have stated, is a complete Way of Life - independent from, and different from, other Ways (5). The Cosmic Being of National-Socialism is neither God, nor Allah, and no comparison between them is possible or required. The ethics of honour establish laws, and a society, which differ from those of Islam and Christianity. The National-Socialist concept of the folk - and especially of the folk and Nature as living, evolving, beings - are not important for Islam or Christianity. In contrast to Islam and Christianity, there is no concept of sin, nor any need for prayer or ritual, in National-Socialism.

However, these differences do not preclude co-operation between National-Socialists and those such as Muslims. Indeed, such co-operation - on the basis of honour, and mutual respect - is essential for creating a new world by fighting those forces of oppression, injustice, dishonour and tyranny, which are taking us back toward barbarism and which threaten our freedom and our future evolution.

David Myatt