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Thread: Into The Darkness: Nazi Germany Today (1940)

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    Into The Darkness: Nazi Germany Today (1940)

    This Lothrop Stoddard's classic work is now available in public domain. Stoddard was one of the view foreign journalists who personally interviewed Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels and other leading German politicians.

    Stoddard was an American patriot (and a White Supremacist author) but he was critical of the Third Reich.

    Stoddard describes his meeting with Hitler:

    The conversation of about twenty minutes which followed these preliminaries naturally cannot be repeated, because I had given my word to that effect. Hitler, however, told me no deep, dark secrets--heads of States don't do that sort of thing with foreign
    visitors. I think it is no breach of my agreement to say that much of his talk dealt neither with the war nor politics but with great rebuilding plans which the war had constrained him temporarily to lay aside. His regretful interest in those matters seemed to show that he still had them very much in mind.

    Even more interesting than what Hitler said was his whole manner and appearance. Here I was, in private audience with the Master of Greater Germany, and able to study him at close range. Needless to say, I watched intently his every move and listened with equal intent-ness to his voice. Let me try to depict as clearly as possible what I observed.

    There are certain details of Hitler's appearance which one cannot surmise from photographs. His complexion is medium, with blond-brown hair of neutral shade which shows no signs of gray. His eyes are very dark-blue. Incidentally, he no longer wears a cartoonist's mustache. It is now the usual "tooth-brush" type, in both size and length. As already remarked, his uniform is severely plain and seemingly of stock materials.

    In ordinary conversation, Hitler's voice is clear and well-modulated. Throughout the audience he spoke somewhat rapidly, yet never
    hurriedly, and in an even tone. Only occasionally did I detect a trace of his native Austro-Bavarian accent. The audience was not a
    monologue. Although naturally he did most of the talking, Hitler gave me plenty of chances to ask questions and put in my say. He did not at any time sharply raise his voice. Only when discussing the war did it become vibrant with emotion; and then he dropped his voice almost to an intense whisper. He made practically no gestures, sitting for the most part quietly, with one hand resting on the arm of his chair and the other lying relaxed in his lap.

    Hitler's whole appearance was that of a man in good health. He certainly did not look a day older than his fifty years. His color was
    good, his skin clear and un-wrinkled, his body fit and not over-weight. He showed no visible signs of nervous strain, such as
    pouched eyes, haggard lines, or twitching physical reactions. On the contrary, appearance, voice, and manner combined to give an impression of calmness and poise. I am well aware that this description tallies neither with current ideas nor with reports of other persons who have seen and talked with him. Very likely those reports are just as true as mine, since Hitler is said to be a man of many moods. Perhaps I saw him on one of his good days; perhaps, he intended to make a particular impression upon me. All I can do is to describe accurately what I myself saw and heard.

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    Good post. The image of an angry Hitler waving his hands in exaggerated motions was a stage act, developed to convey emotions to mass audiences before the advent of television.
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