These are apples and oranges considerations. As one from an Allied nation, whose most recent ancestors were all from Allied nations, I address my concern to the one of the two that either did or did not have any direct interest in the destruction of my kindred. The Nazis were interested in their own hegemony and only opposed the Anglosphere for getting in their way, so resorted to whatever strategem they thought necessary for flexing their muscles. The Soviets were supposedly on the same side as the Anglosphere, but were the only ones who threatened us with annihilation, simply over a different socioeconomic system. Sure, I don't have a problem with the Russians' Eurasianism when it's about their own blood and soil, because I understand that. Wanting to nuke another form of society is plainly sick, when they're the same race as you. I don't view Nazi lebensraum that way at all, so disagree with the fanatical anti-NS lunacy.