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Thread: Are You in Favour of the Death Penalty/Capital Punishment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emma of Normandy View Post
    Maybe the death penalty would be unnecessary or very rarely used in a high trust, reasonably homogenous society. Very few of us live in one of those these days. I don't think it does much good now either but that's because it's sort of a crapshoot which of the many murders which contain the elements that would allow for a death sentence are actually charged and sentenced that way. A deterrent can't work if the odds of it being carried out, even if the criminal is caught and convicted, are miniscule.
    On the one hand, we can say that the death penalty is immoral, no one has the right to dispose of someone else's life. But if we are talking about a serial killer who took 5, 10 human lives? Well, ok, he was sentenced for life and he continues to parasitize, lives at the expense of honest taxpayers, civilians, including those who suffered from his actions.

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