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Thread: Integrity Segregation Experiment

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    Lightbulb Integrity Segregation Experiment

    Suppose a country is separated into two pieces. One part is called the "honest part" and the other part is called the "other part". Keep in mind that they are two parts of a single country. Segregation occurs as follows:
    (1) A wall is built between them.
    (2) All people are removed from the "honest part."
    (3) Those people who pass a carefully designed test of integrity will be admitted into the "honest part". The test could take several weeks for one person to be evaluated.
    (4) A person in the "honest part" who commits a serious crime will be identified (via fingerprints, DNA, etc.), permanently removed from the "honest part", and electronically monitored (just to provide an extra level of security because no wall is 100% effective).

    What problems might this proposal solve?

    (1) Currently, a criminal who commits serious crimes is eventually released and usually re-offends, creating many new victims. Under the proposed system, someone who commits a serious crime is permanently excluded from the "honest part."

    (2) Criminals will not be deported to another country that could allow the criminals to sneak back again. They will be living in one part of a single country. It will be possible to monitor them.

    (3) Whatever WNs say about crime and race will automatically be taken care of. If 15% of blacks lack integrity, then that 15% of blacks will be kept out of the honest part of the country. If 60% of blacks lack integrity, then that 60% of blacks will be kept out of the honest part of the country.

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    This proposal is quite interesting, it would remove the bad apples of Society and let them rot together. Still the removal of interracial crime is not the reason for the existance of White Nationalism. Racial Segregation is still essential to retain White Sovereignity, Independence, and Self-Determination, plus to create a sense of Racial Pride, and creat a cohesive and homogenous Folk Community.

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    Nothing is so simplex_zzz

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    Originally posted by HELLSTAR
    Nothing is so simple
    How many people died from germs in drinking water before water chlorination? Is water chlorination complicated?

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