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Thread: "It's Easy for the Jews to Talk About Life"

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    I think we should frame the discussion of Jewish influence better. Rather than hyperbolic sentences which generalise into "the Jews" "Jews this" "Jews that". They do not have a collective hive mind.

    The starting point for discussing them is the fact of their migratory history; internal group attitude to money (usury) which has been advantageous (but really, Christian Europe had the hang up over lending); high IQs through selection; physical appearance which is nearly European but not obviously foreign (I believe this is a factor for Jews existing at fringe of society, but not fully excluded).

    If Jews are over-represented amongst politicians & academics who advocate cross-border migrations, then Jews are also over-represented among authors who support self-determination and tough entry requirements for immigrants. Israel is funnily enough closer to the kind of state we would like to see Europeans adopt, i.e. a state which looks out for its own people and is orientated towards survival.

    My attitude to Jewish influence in the USA is the same as Irish influence in the USA. Both are self-interested groups with split loyalty between two nations. Irish, Albanian, Islamic (and so on) activists do the same within their widespread communities to help their cause. And Christian hang-ups over Israel are exactly that, an issue for Christians to resolve. Modern day Israelis cannot control what religion is passed from father to son amongst Europeans. It's somewhat understandable that pro-Israel partisans will seek to exploit that sentiment.

    So... it is worth noticing this influence and it is relevant. We can say in a general sense that immigrant groups will tend to be pro-immigration themselves, and possess a kind of split loyalty. Jews, as a peak-intelligence ethnic group (especially the Ashkenazim), will be good at this whereas primitive aborigines will not.

    But the whole Jewish thing is totally dwarfed by the need for Europeans/Germanics to make the change from within and not to dwell on passing blame.

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    When one looks to the events of the World since the last World War, and in full pursuits of another World War, one can clearly see the imbalance of all subjective reasoning and perception of the days of today.

    I cannot quote you words or numbers, and indeed I should not need to, as these things are but the opinions or copied "facts" of some other Man. The reality we measure is in the World around us, and yet not without regard to the Words and deeds of those Men who happen to have influence in the World of the day.

    Israel is yet the largest problem in the World, and indeed many of the other remaining problems stem from the host of Israel, and so one cannot consider the Question of Today, before first considering the Question of the Jew and the World, as throughout history, even unto this very day, these Jews have managed to inculcate the World with a destructive manner and likeness, which has likened the World unto themselves, a Uneven and Unleven mass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mischak View Post
    This forum is starting to reek of Stormfront..
    Quote Originally Posted by TeutonicMensch View Post
    The Question of Today cannot be considered unless one truely accepts that that very same Question is that of the Jew and the World. It has been for far too long, far too many men have warned of it, and yet still it remains unchanged.

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