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Thread: Is Speaking a Germanic Language Necessary to Be Considered Germanic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gegenschlag View Post
    Nah. These countries didn't just "go to war with each other", as you conveniently word it to try to escape an uncomfortable situation. England started the war.

    England declared war on Germany, not for invading Manchester, the Isle of Man, Belfast or even a colony. England declared war on Germany for invading Poland, a Slavic country bordering Germany far away in Eastern Europe, that had absolutely nothing to do with the well being of the British Empire and that was ridiculously small in comparison.

    There is a name for that. It was an unprovoked declaration of war. The media instigated it? It doesn't matter. Germans don't own the British media. It was an absurd continuation of the same war when it was clear that Germany had won in 1940, despite the obvious numerical and economic superiority of the Western powers. But the British carried on regardless, no matter how much Hitler appealed to their senses, and the results and fruits of this gigantic stupidity (carried out by some Bruenn mestizo lard named Churchill) can be seen everywhere around us today......
    If you read the Anglo Polish carefully, especially the secret protocol being added... The purpose of that protocol was nothing else, but getting a war against Germany going. Of course that wasn't about England, Britain or even the Empire. It was entirely about German industrial power and well, the example of NS that put banksters and middlemen of international trade out of business. Not all British shared that sentiment of course, but once the Jingoism gets going warphoria trumps reason.

    Subject here is however the linguistic requirement for being considered Germanic.... I'd say it at least rounds of the picture. Imagine a person with e.g. full Danish ancestry speaking only Chinese... Would be odd to be considered Germanic, while the ancestry def. isn't irrelevant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chlodovech View Post
    I think one always needs to look at issues like this at face value, it's the only thing that makes sense. The fact that this question is or can be raised about someone already means the person is not fully Germanic to begin with (and at worst a confused Slavic Nordid may be wondering whether he's Germanic too, for instance). People may very well be Germanic by blood and perhaps culturally in part, but not speaking any Germanic language anymore. There are enfrenched Flemings, enfrenched Germans and Finnish Swedes who lost their mother tongue. Are these people Germanic? The answer is that they are in-betweens. And bringing in-betweens into the national community again is always a political, future-oriented choice, primarily theirs.
    Frans_Jozef on here with maternal Italian ancestry was fine by everybody because he didn't worship Classical Roman Italy or subordinate his Dutch pride before the Latins. He would be against enfrenchment, of course, when enfrenchment meant Franks willingly despoiling their own honour by transforming themselves into puppets of the Vatican (first, by substituting Latin for Dutch) in the false promise of glory once so debased into adopting the trappings of Constantinople, the only true Rome into 1453. The way our ancestors should have dealt with Italy, is to have reinforced the Germanics there and supported Byzantine control of the Church, i.e. the Pentarchy as an organisation, even if disallowed Italian soil due to it belonging to the Longobards. Frans was proud of his Longobard roots for good reason. It's self-defeating to harp on the Lombards and French for their diminished Germanic culture, because that is the position that the Vatican wanted them in to begin with, as less 'threatening' to men in Oriental dresses. Trousers are much more appropriate attire for Germanics.

    The way in which I reconcile F_J's divergent heritages is by the model of Lothringen or Middle Frankia. It's unfortunate that the Iron Crown of the Longobards is a symbol of Germanic speakers whose tongue has gone away, or been subsumed within Hochdeutsch in such a way that the Papacy stressed how the Longobards were 'foreign' to their own kingdom--when the Exarchate of Ravenna was the actual eyesore and it's led to so much internal division amongst us that needn't ever have been so overwhelming. In an ideal world, all the lands of the Volkerwanderung coulda/shoulda/woulda stayed Germanic in culture and not suffered Latinisation due to the delusions of glory they had in taking over Rome, to do in Rome as the Romans did--it was, however, a problem of the HRE to not merely agree to Papal demands in Italy, but to export and enforce his domination throughout all Germanic lands. Destroying the Longobards for the Pope was the biggest mistake our Frankish ancestors made, because not long after, France spoke Latin instead of Dutch: the Frankish tongue became lingua franca.

    We should not be phobic of our own Nordic blood and wistful for Mediterraneanisation to come again with the Renaissance and Neoclassicism. How many times and in how many ways must we suffer an inferiority complex for the egos of dead foreigners? Personally, I would hope all 'Romance peoples' rejuvenate themselves with their own true Germanic identity, no matter how lost, than waste another second living in shame and fear of what the Pope thinks of them embracing their 'barbarian' Goth and Vandal natures. It bothers me that the Merovingian legacy is smothered by later compromises, like the Donation of Pepin. Apart from simply adopting Christianity, Frankish essence of the Merovingians was unspoilt and laudable. Since 'enfrenchment', much of their material imprint in the ground is now disconnected from those still speaking Frankish. It must be stressed that being Frankish is great, but French not so much. There is potential in the French, but they deny their own Frank blood every time they open their mouths. Lombards all the same should be Longobards speaking Hochdeutsch.

    In short, France/Gaul should speak Istvaeonic/Dutch and Lombardy/Italy should speak Irminonic/German. Spain/Portugal and Romania/Moldova are East Germanic, so Gothic should be spoken instead of Latin.
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