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Thread: The 13 European Vegetation Types

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    The 13 European Vegetation Types

    ALN - Alpine north: the Scandinavian mountains; these have been named Alpine north, because they show environmental conditions as the Alps on a higher latitude, but in lower mountains.

    BOR - Boreal: the environmental zone covering the lowlands of Scandinavia, mainly characterised by Conifer forests.

    NEM - Nemoral: the zone covering the southern part of Scandinavia, the Baltic states and Belarus. It is the environmental zone characterised by mixtures of Taiga forest and Deciduous broadleaved forests.

    ATN - Atlantic North: is the area under influence of the Atlantic ocean and the North sea, humid with rather low temperatures in summer and winter, but not extremely cold.

    ALS - Alpine south: the high mountains of central and southern Europe that show the environmental conditions of high mountains. Unlike the Biogeographical zonation of Europe as presented by the EEA ( here also small Alpine patches are found in mountain areas outside the Alps Pyrenees and Carpathians.

    CON - Continental: This is the part of Europe with an environment of warm summers and rather cold winters and where Beech is a dominant tree species

    ATC - Atlantic Central: is the area with moderate climate where the average winter temperature does not go far below 0�C and the average summer temperatures are relatively low.

    PAN - Pannonian: this is the most steppic part of Europe, with cold winters and dry hot summers. Most precipitation falls in spring . Obne of the characteristic plant species is Stipa ssp.

    LUS - Lusitanian: is the southern Atlantic area from western France to Lisbon. Here the summer temperatures are rather high and there are some dry months occur, winters are mild and humid. It is the region of the southern European heathlands and the Pyrenean oak.

    ANO - Anatolian: represents the steppes of Turkey, a Mediterranean steppic environment. It is not included in the PAN database as there is no representation from Turkey yet.

    MDM - Mediteranean Mountains: these mountains are influenced by both the Mediterranean zone they are situated in, nbut still they show an influence of mountain climate. This is the area where Mediterranean Beech forests are found

    MDN - Mediterranean North: the Mediteranean northern represents the major part of the Mediterranean climate zone with Holm oak, Cork Oak many fruit plantations and Olive groves.

    MDS - Mediterranean South: this zone represents the extreme Mediterranean climate that is shared with northern Africa, short precipitation periods and long hot, dry summers.


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    CON, and a bit of ALS, is the most ideal and produces the best people I think.

    But climate and vegetation is just one factor of many.
    The ancient masters were subtle, mysterious, profound, responsive.
    The depth of their knowledge is unfathomable.
    Because it is unfathomable,
    All we can do is describe their appearance.
    -Tao teh Ching

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    I prefer the Boreal and Nemoral zones--much as it is here in the northern US. :

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