In Primitive Mythology Joseph Campbell writes..

“Certain imprints impressed upon the nervous system in the plastic period between birth and maturity are the source of many of the most widely known images of myth.”

“The state of the child in the womb is one of bliss, actionless bliss, and this state maybe be compared to the beatitude visualized for paradise. In the womb, the child is unaware of the alternation of night and day, or any of the images of temporality. It should not be surprising, therefore, if the metaphors used to represent eternity suggest, to those trained in the symbolism of the infantile unconscious, retreat to the womb.”

“The mystery of the origin of the “great universe” or macrocosm is read in terms of the procreation of the “little universe,” the microcosm; and the amniotic fluid is then precisely comparable to the water that in many mythologies,….represents the elementary substance of all things.”

And I am left wondering if Ginnungagap could not be the womb of Ymir before the waters of Hvergelmir met the cold from dark Niflheim and the heat from bright Muspellsheim ?

“The next constellation of imprints to be noted is that associated with the bliss of the child at the mother’s breast”

“..when the mother image begins to assume definition in the gradual dawn of the infantile consciousness, it is already associated not only with a sense of beatitude, but also with fantasies of danger, separation, and terrible destruction.”

“that at such moments an impulse to tear “good body content” from the mother is immediately and simultaneously identified by the child with the danger of its own bodily destruction”

And here Audhumla’s nourishing of Ymir and her subsequent nourishing of herself by licking Buri from the ice whose son’s sons destroy him ?

“A third system of imprints that can be assumed to be universal in the development of the mentality of the infant is that deriving from its fascination with its own excrement”

“..the infantile urge to manipulate filth and assign it value survives in our adult interest in the arts--painting, smearing of all kinds, sculpture, and architecture..”

“to sublimate “base matter” ( filth and corruption ) into gold ( which is pure and therefore incorruptible )”

And here Ymir being fashioned into Midgard ?