My family's trauma reader Sat, 18 August 2007
Mario Mamo wrote:

On Saturday 4 August, at 2115hrs, I was driving to Birzebbugia from Hal Far Road to ‘Tal-Gebel’ Road, with my wife and my mum in the back seat.

Suddenly three immigrants stopped in the middle of the road ahead of me, and I had no alternative but to stop and ask them to move, while locking the windows of the car and flashing the lights. Two of them did move but the third one held on to the bullbar of the car and stood there for a while, then moved to the side of the car and started hitting the bonnet of the car with his fist.

Since it was a feast day at Birzebbugia, I had to park the car at the outskirts of the village and walk to the police station. After my family and I explained this traumatic experience to five Maltese policemen, the first question I was sarcastically asked was: “Am I ready to go to Hal Far barracks and identify the persons involved? I am convinced that there are few persons on the island who could identify coloured people at 1000hrs in the morning, figure out at 2100hrs at night, in the middle of a road with no lights at all.

After a report was drafted I was asked to go back on Wednesday after 2100hrs to the Birzebbugia police station so they can have a look at the damages in the car.

This did not convince me so I drove up to the Zejtun Police Station and went through the whole story once again. The very helpful sergeant on duty came to look at the car and noticed a lot of finger prints which in his opinion could help to identify the perpetrator.

Back at the station the sergeant contacted the Birzebbugia police station and advised the police there that he inspected the car so I do not have to go back on Wednesday. He also contacted the Police Inspector on duty and asked him for permission to take finger prints from the car, and try to match them with finger prints of the migrants stationed at Hal Far. For reasons that I still do not know, the sergeant told me that his superiors advised that there is no need for all this, and asked me to come on Monday pay Lm3 and collect the report, which I have to give to the insurance agency so they can handle my claim.

This is really unjust! I am a Maltese citizen who has been paying taxes for the last 35 years. My property was abused and damaged in front of my family, and I now have to pay for the damages done deliberately by a foreign person for whom I also pay taxes to provide him with food and shelter. In return, local police treat us as second class citizens.

I cannot understand this, and that is why I am exposing all this to the public.

After a sleepless night, the first thing I have done this morning was to contact the police headquarters. After listening to the military marches on the telephone operator service for over an hour I was passed on to the forensic division. The sergeant on duty patiently listened to my request but informed me that he could not help me out unless he is authorised by the inspector of the south region. He also told me that I am 100% right but (quoting) “try to avoid Birzebbugia and Marsa, as after sunset both places do not belong to us anymore.”

Once again this is unfair, unjust and simply not right. Such words from a police officer raise lots of questions.

I hope that is letter is read by people in parliament and some sort of action is taken.

While talking about the incident with people living in Birzebbugia, I confirmed that such accidents are being repeated day after day. This is simply not on. I am a 52 year old person and tried to live according to all the laws and regulations through all my life, and as from today I say that the law administrators thought me a lesson.

I ask you God - do not let me go through this again.