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Thread: Alpines+Meds - Amorsite gallery

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    Georgie boy

    Re: Alpines+Meds - Amorsite gallery

    I would call that rather Dinarids+Meds, at least in that way I understand it.

    Coon: "When Alpines and Mediterraneans mix, their morphological intermediates often display non-intermediate features. The cause of this is a process Coon would call dinarization "

    I think that process call "dinarization" is very abstract, I think that's a simple assessment about of mixtures between pred. Alpine+Med (but probably with Dinarid component too) and the result obviously might be a Med+Dinarid like also a Med+Alpinid or Dinarid+Alpinid. Maybe Coon only puts emphasize the race of his parents but not in the race of his grandparents. Moreover I think that although the result of two races give rise to other different race, should be called according to the finally result.
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