Since 40,000 years, there’re five different sub-species, as product of the genetics evolution pursued by each group:

Sub-species Capeids of South Africa (name originated in the Cape of Good Hope)
Sub-species Congoids of Sub-Sahara: Central Africans, Dwarfs and Ethiopians (those’ re mixed with Caucasians)
Sub-species Caucasians
Sub-species Australoids
Sub-species Mongoloids: Represented in China, Korea and Japan

1 - Mediterranean

• Western: Represented in Spain, Portugal, Sardinia, coast of Morocco and Tunis. The Atlantic Mediterranean is a sub-race
• Eastern: Represented on the Black Sea Coast, in the w. of Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Aegean Sea of Greece and Turkey
• Dinarized: Those result from the mixture of Mediterranean + dinarics or Armenians or alpine. Represented more than 60% in the Southern Italy, 40% in Turkey, 30% in western Syria, Lebanon and Central Italy, 15% in northern Italy.
• Arabia: More than 60% in Arabia,55% from Egypt to Syria, north of Sudan,30% in Iraq, more than 60% in the eastern Jews (Sefaradim)

2 - DINARICS: More than 60% in the Balkans and North of Italy,30% in Check Rep., Slovakia, Austria and Ukraine.

3 - ALPINES: More than 60% in Luxembourg, Hungary and Switzerland.

4 - LADOGANS: Represented by the natives of Russia

5 - NORTHERN: Represented on the British Islands, Scandinavia, Holland and Belgium more than 60% in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Finland and Baltic’s Countries, 55% in Austria and Russia.

6 - ARMENIODS: More than 60% in Armenia,15% in Syria, Lebanon and North of % in Western Jews (Ashkenazim)

7 - TURANOIDS: Hybridised with Mongoloids, more than 60% of Kazakhstan, % in Hungary and Turkey.

8 - IRANO-AFGANOIDS: More than 60% in Iran and Afghanistan, 40% in Iraq and 15 % in Turkey.

9 - INDICUS: Represented in Pakistan and North of India.

10 - DRAVIDICS: Represented in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.

The White or Caucasoid race is compounded by four main sub-races: Armenian, Northern, Western Mediterranean and Lapped. The origin of the groups derived such as Alpine or Dinarics, etc. is the mixture between those main branches. The source of the race Caucasoid begun at the of the Glacial Era and in the beginning of Mesolithic Era.

Alpine: They’re brachicephalics, with rounded face. In the western the cranium is low, while in the eastern is high.

ARABOIDS: Dolycocephalics, cranium low, eye orbit inclined, narrow and inclined front, is different of iberoid race because has specific facial dashes: rhomboid face. Eyes of almonds colour, "Semitic smile" (conditioned by a deep canine pit).This race in former epochs was a sub-race formed of the Syrian, common between the farmer of the Fertile Crescent. Today is typical of the Jews.

NORTHERN: Light eyes like the hair, low and dolycocephalic cranium, thin, with a narrowish face equal to the nose.

ARMENIANS: Brachycephalics, with the same form of head than the dinarics but with a longer nose. Abundant hair down in body and in the face,very high nose’s root, convex, with depressed. The difference between Armenians and Dinarics is the following: in the Armenians it is presented Iranian-afghan race that provides Mediterranean, brachycephalized by their mixtue with the Alpine.

ATLANTO-MEDITERRANEAN: High, right nose, dolycocephalics

DINARICS: Very tall, brown, high head and brachycephalic, very long face, long and more or less inclined nose, similar to people from Near East. Plain occipital . Short arms

IBERIOIDS: Dolycocephalics with low cranium, dark skin and lows. Narrow face. Horizontal orbit.

IRANOIDS: High head and dolycocephalic, long and thin face. Very influenced by the race .Abundant black or dark brown, curly, hair down in the body and beard, brown eyes. The nose ever is high and prominent, their profile sometimes is right almost convex, the depressed and low declined with moderate density and strong curvature in the wing.

LAPOIDS: Lows, high cranium and dolycocephalic, broad face, very little jaw-bone and small nose.

MEDITERRANEANS SOUTHERN AND EASTERN: Very similar to the Iberiods but with high head.

NORICS: Brachycephalics, blonds, plain occipital, were northern that were brachycephalized by the Dinarics.