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Thread: Iraqi Resistance Outstrips US Military

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    Exclamation Iraqi Resistance Outstrips US Military

    'Smart' rebels outstrip US

    11 March 2007 09:31

    The United States army is lagging behind Iraq's insurgents tactically in a war that senior officers say is the biggest challenge since Korea 50 years ago.

    The gloomy assessment at a conference in America last week came as senior US and Iraqi officials sat down on Saturday with officials from Iran, Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia in Baghdad to persuade Iraq's neighbours to help seal its borders against fighters, arms and money flowing in.

    During the conference the US, Iranian and Syrian delegations were reported to have had a "lively exchange'.

    In a bleak analysis, senior officers described the fighters they were facing in Iraq and Afghanistan "as smart, agile and cunning".

    In Vietnam, the US was eventually defeated by a well-armed, closely directed and highly militarised society that had tanks, armoured vehicles and sources of both military production and outside procurement.

    What is more devastating now is that the world's only superpower is in danger of being driven back by a few tens of thousands of lightly armed irregulars, who have developed tactics capable of destroying multimillion-dollar vehicles and aircraft.

    By contrast, the US military is said to have been slow to respond to the challenges of fighting an insurgency. The senior officers described the insurgents as being able to adapt rapidly to exploit American rules of engagement and turn them against US forces, and quickly disseminate ways of destroying or disabling armoured vehicles.

    The military is also hampered in its attempts to break up insurgent groups because of their "flat" command structure within collaborative networks of small groups, making it difficult to target any hierarchy within the insurgency.

    The remarks were made by senior US generals speaking at the Association of the US Army meeting at Fort Lauderdale in Florida and in conversations with the Observer. The generals view the "war on terror" as the most important test of America's soldiers in 50 years.

    "Iraq and Afghanistan are sucking up resources at a faster rate than we planned for," one three-star general said. "America's warriors need the latest technology to defeat an enemy who is smart, agile and cunning -- things we did not expect of the Soviets."

    Other officers said coalition rules of engagement were being used against the forces fighting the insurgency.

    "They know when we can and cannot shoot, and [they] use that against us," said one officer, reflecting the comments of US soldiers in the field.

    Another said recent video footage of an ambush on a convoy, posted on the internet, was evidence that insurgents were filming incidents to teach other groups about American counter-measures.

    The concerns emerged as Iraq's Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki, issued a stern warning that unless Iraq's neighbours -- including Iran and Syria -- united to help to shut down the networks supplying both Sunni and Shi'ite extremists, Iraq's sectarian bloodshed would engulf the Middle East. -- Guardian Unlimited

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    Re: Iraqi resistance outstrips US military

    They should have learned their lesson in Vietnam.
    You can’t just roll in an and whip out a nation, in a foreign Country.

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    Re: Iraqi resistance outstrips US military

    This is not new in history: a big powerful army in troubles due to a small fighting force. That's the admirable of guerrillas, you don't need to have a great technological backup to defeat your enemy. Vercingetorix defeating Romans, Spanish defeating Napoleon, Castro and Guevara against Batista, Algerians against France and so on.
    A guerrilla fighter knows very, very well the terrain in which he combats, thus using this advantage that the invader doesn't have. The operations are usually fast attacks by surprise in small groups with light weaponry. They never attack large columns of the enemy but small divisions, the rear and the flanks specially. A guerrilla fighter is a master in improving from shelters to bombs. However, the most important is that their main weapon is the popular support: that's the source of supplies, shelters and men. To sume up, guerrillas task is to constantly tease the enemy, to difficult the enemy's work but not to finnish them. It's like a mosquito teasing a big bull.
    Needless to say that elite forces around the world are trained with guerrilla tactics. An example that I remember now explains it better: when USA invaded Panama to capture General Noriega, a group of Seals were sent to clean the path, but that first group failed. They faced Noriega's personal guard, an elite group trained by Mohamed Ali Seineldin. That guy is a retired Argentinian militar who fought in Malvinas and in many CoIn (counter-insurgence) operations against many of the most powerful guerrillas in the 70's. Argentina is one of the few countries which effectively defeated this kind of terrorism by learning from their tactics. I own an instruction book used by militars to learn that kind of tactics. If you want to read more about those groups, I reccomend Che Guevara's Guerrilla Warfare:

    Apart from facing an unusual enemy, USA troops have an inner problem: the moral is down. Many realised that the true causes are not mass destruction weapons but greed, many thought that after one month they will return to their homes, many thought that it would be an easy task, and many other things which are false. The Pentagon is recruiting convicts, so imagine how a common soldier who really thinks he's fighting for his country feels when his mate is a thief or a murder. Uncle ZOG underestimated the combat capacity of its enemies, and made the classical mistake of all the great armies when they feel invincible: opening to many combat fronts, you just can't keep the attention on all of them.

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