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Thread: [split] The Good and Evil of Abortion

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    Re: [split] The Good and Evil of Abortion

    As for cyber sex, if you dont feel it is cheating then just tell your partner, if you do feel its cheating then why would you want to cheat on your partner anyway? Is your relationship that unfullfilled that you need cyber sex?

    As far as abortion goes, well as a man who will never have to go through one myself I dont know if my opinion carrys any weight or not but here goes.I just think that we still have to think of the consequence of our actions before the stage of termination has advanced. I mean can we be so casual as to say " well it really dosent matter if you/I get pregnant we can just get "it" terminated" .On the strength of you believe that theres no pain involved. to the fetus. There are cases where i can understand abortion (rape etc)And sometimes I look at some parents and think "They dont deserve kids", but i look at my own daughter and think that I had the power to abort that life if i had wanted to. I know thats looking at the problem with sentiment, but fundementaly id have to say im against it.

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    Re: [split] The Good and Evil of Abortion

    Quote Originally Posted by Tryggvi View Post
    Such kind of wheelchairs?

    Totally! Get rid of that guy!

    Seriously though, that is the kind of wheelchair I meant, but this particular occupant is not the kind of occupant I had in mind.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tryggvi
    Are we talking about physical deformations only, with no extraordinary, unbearable amount of pain involved? Would it in such cases not be better to wait at least the 16 to 21 years, until the affected person can make her own mature decision whether she considers her life worth living?
    I was actually thinking of physical and mental malformation. Someone who would actually be able to make a mature decision (or even a rather juvenile one) after 16 to 21 years should probably be left alive. I live near a state mental hospital, and so I see a lot of people who live for decades and never seem to progress to the stage of mental maturity or motor capabilities that the average toddler enjoys. That's the kind of person I think should probably have been put out of his misery right away.

    Someone who will be capable of developing human capacity to reason (even if it's just the reasoning of a child) should be given the opportunity to decide for himself whether his life is worth living, just like the paralyzed sportswoman you mentioned.

    I guess I could have expressed that better before. Sorry.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tryggvi
    What if the diagnosis was wrong? What if, because of a specific gene the child is carrying, unknown at that time, the defect would never break out and affect said child? What if medical research coincidentally finds a cure within a few years?
    I think that's just one of those risks you take. Some people keep patients on life support for long periods of time holding out hope for improved medical knowledge. Others are the DNR type.

    Some folks are willing to accept the inadequacies of modern medicine and make life-or-death judgments based on what adequacy is available. Others are not.

    I have more of an accepting view of death — mine or another's. Death seems pretty okay to me. So if it doesn't look like life is going to be sustainable or enjoyable based on what information we have, I personally am okay with going for the option of death instead — again, for myself or for someone else.

    So I guess the lesson here is, don't leave me in charge of your medical care or that of your loved ones unless you feel the same way!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tryggvi
    In general, given the graduality of the assumption: why not let the child enjoy the relatively healthy and pain-free time it has got, until death becomes preferrable to life? Would you put your dog to sleep now if you learned it had a defect that will kill it within a few years?
    Yeah, that'd be all right. Though I'm not convinced that letting the child live those first couple of years would be worth it to him. But it certainly wouldn't hurt, either.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tryggvi
    Aren't we disposing of human life far too quick here?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tryggvi
    How can infanticide in this case be justifiable from an eugenic perspective at all given the principle of proportionality (choosing the mildest means that still reach a certain aim)? Legal (sufficiently deterring laws) or medical methods (sterilization) to avoid procreation would be sufficient.
    Hmm. Well, I guess my family has always told me that I'm always running to extremes!

    Good thing Godiva is just as extreme as me — we match well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tryggvi
    I probably agree with the thesis behind these words, but in none of the examples you gave about infanticide the life of the mother, or, given the possibility of putting the child up for adoption, her potential of staying fertile and having more (healthy) children was endangered.
    It seems to me like both childbirth and, for that matter, abortion inherently put the mother's life and/or continued fertility at risk. I think that in cases where abortion or infanticide might be a wise option, the choice should be made so as to minimize that risk.

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