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Yes, a distance of 3 in 12 dys markers is a long shot for being a Dane, but my family had lived in England since before the Norman invasion, at least a 1000 years, "some of the first recorded surnames in England".

My closest matches of 0,1,2 genetic distances are all fellow English and Scottish surnames, excluding a few at 2 from Austria/Czechoslovakia, and quite a few Prussians at 3.

I have a genetic distance of 4 to a few Swedes and 5 to a few Norwegians.
My matches for India are gentic distance of 5 and 6.

Through the powers of deduction I could then Hypothesize that my ancestors did not enter England through Norway or Sweden, but through either Danish or the Angles of Schleswig-Holstein.
This R1a subclade is L664, if anyone else is curious.