As you surely noticed, Skadi and the previously incorporated "Nationales Forum", decided to split. This became necessary due to the rapid growth of the last months which would have required another server to accommodate a united Skadi -- something that was, however, beyond our current resources and capabilities. Since both sections have a strong, largely separate and autonomous target audience and user base, it was decided that two self-standing fora would serve our continuation more efficiently.


Skadi and the NF had already been operating de facto as two different fora, each with its own administration & staff, separate sub-sections, separate style, content, etiquette, as well as membership. While much of this could still be managed under one roof, some aspects such as the board rules or the allocation of technical resources needed to retain a universal character.

Although the NF has formally maintained Skadi's orientation and transferred it to Thiazi ("Germanic World Community", "Germanic World Network") as well as many of his rules, the fora are practically self-sufficient, have a different orientation and have essentially a user base which overlaps only in individual cases.

Skadi's lingua franca has always been -- and will remain -- English however it also hosts Germanic national/regional sub-sections for all Germanic peoples who are not entirely negligible, including a sub-section dedicated to the German-speaking countries. The NF (and now Thiazi's) lingua franca was/is German, which restricts its user base to (mainly) members of German-speaking countries and the German diaspora. The NF/now Thiazi does not have an English-speaking section or any sub-sections dedicated to other Germanic groups, such as the Scandinavians or Netherlanders. On Skadi, this was not necessary since Skadi already hosted such sections. Whether Thiazi will add such sections in future remains to be seen.

The NF/Thiazi is predominantly used by German nationalists and is tailor-made for them. Skadi's membership mainly comes from the various Germanic countries of the Old and New World, the German people being just one of many Germanic ethnic groups represented here. Thiazi's orientation is German nationalist within a wider Germanic perspective, while Skadi's aims to foster an all-Germanic consciousness, but also welcomes Germanic ethno-cultural, national or regional diversification. Skadi also has a stronger New World presence among the membership, our North American, Down Under or Southern African chapters being among the most read and most active.

The content and range also differ accordingly: while on Skadi, alongside the German, we also have the Anglo-Saxon, Dutch, and Scandinavian ideas, concepts, and notions, Thiazi is dominated by those that are relevant to the German settlement area. This also leads to a stronger focus on the cultural, traditional and political exchange of ideas between different Germanic ethnic groups on Skadi, while on the NF/Thiazi the focus is clearly on German culture, German traditions and German political world views.

The NF/now Thiazi runs and maintains the largest online right-wing rock section, a distinctive feature that supports its growth, but which also attracts many members of the "White Power" and Skinhead milieu. Skadi does not maintain such a section and does not intend to build one in future, as it considers its cultural value dubious at best. The same applies analogously to the iTrader area and -- if it should still exist on Thiazi -- the adult area. Skadi's experiences with the latter have been mostly negative.

New URL, technical considerations and operational aspects

In case you are looking for the German section, then you can find it at

All accounts were replicated there, you can simply log in using your old username and password.

In case you mainly posted in the NF, then your post and reputation count on Skadi will have decreased, as these features had to be transferred to Thiazi. If you are funding member, recently donated and wonder what happened to your money, donations were split between the two fora. You will continue to enjoy funding privileges on both regardless of contribution. Thiazi will develop its own funding system in future and keep you updated. In case you have a recurring subscription with Skadi Forum, but plan on mostly using Thiazi in future, you may want to cancel your subscription with us and subscribe anew to Thiazi. If you predominantly used the English-speaking/non-German sections, there will not be much change for you. If you do not intend to use either Skadi or Thiazi regularly (or at all) in future, it would be a good security precaution if you logged in and deleted your private messages from the said board. They, too, were replicated.

N.B. Skadi (and possibly Thiazi) regularly deletes inactive, zero-post accounts. On Skadi we do this typically at least once a month. This is an automated process, so if you only posted on one forum, but you wish to preserve your account on the other for future use, it is recommended that you make at least one post. Funding member accounts are exempt from this process.

There are no major changes for staff since the sections already operated separately. Members who were on both staffs and/or occupied a mediating position between the two shall retain their staffdom and privileges. The position "Skadi coordinator" has been abolished.


Although we are thankful for the time we could share together, plans for a future merger between Skadi and Thiazi are non-existent. That said, the two fora are not and will not be in competition with each other. We will likely continue to have a tangential user base. Whether one prefers Skadi, Thiazi or both is up to each individual user. It is easy for everyone to get a picture of the two forums.

Skadi Forum will continue to maintain a cordial relationship with Thiazi, its staff and its membership as per rule 21 (a) & (b). Defamation and insults directed against it are not permitted, and will be removed per gentlemen's agreement.

Skadi Forum wishes Thiazi all the best for its future endeavors.