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Thread: Royal Hungarian Roots of Scottish Clans

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    Royal Hungarian Roots of Scottish Clans

    I came across this research a few years ago due to an intuitive suspicion that there was a deeper connection between the Huns and the Magyars of the Carpathian Basin and the Scots. Knowing there are multiple connections between on the one hand the Celts, Huns, Magyars, Alans, Sarmatians, Avars, Scythians and on the other hand the Kievan Rus, Varangians, Vikings, the Ros form Swedish Roslagen etc., as well as there having been a Hungarian princess marrying a Scottish king, I started out by the assumption that there was more to the connection and settled for a working hypothesis of a diffuse common Aryan ancestry for all these different peoples.

    Incidentally, I recently found out that not only did they use Viking warriors in the Byzantine Empire, they were used all over Europe as mercenaries, including in Hungary by several Medieval Hungarian kings. There is a place in Hungary called Kisoroszi, which today roughly means "little Russian place". The origin of this name does not, as one could assume, have anything to do with Slavic Russia of more recent times, but with the fact that this place was named after the Viking warriors from the Kievan Rus who lived there and were given this place by the Hungarian king at the time. "Orosz" in Hungarian means Russian but of course the country that became Russia was founded by the Viking Rus/Ros from an area of central Sweden called Roslagen.

    Anyway, my net research resulted in me coming across a very intriguing piece of research claiming Hungarian ancestry for several Scottish clans, mainly the Ross, Leslie and Drummond clans. (On another thread here on Skadi I saw that also the name of the Anderson clan originates in the Gaelic Aindrea, Aindrias and Aindriú names, more on this in the actual research concerned.) Additionally, I found out that also the Vass clan has Hungarian origins.

    Now, I have reservations concerning the researcher's own assumptions and conclusions, mainly his theory of a Hunnish multigenerational world conquest, tied in with the Rothschild banking dynasty and similar issues. I have neither interest nor opinion on these matters as I know too little about them. My concern is for the theory of royal Hungarian origin of several Scottish clans by way of the Kievan/Roslagen-Viking Rus-Ros, a theory that is confirmed by at least the Ross clan itself.

    I would warmly appreciate any comments or illumination on this subject, especially from knowledgeable Scots who could provide clarification.

    The article is HENRY DRUMMOND THE HUN.

    Reference: Clan Rosich, Na Gille Andras - The Ross Clan

    The Scots declare their Scythian connections...

    "Particularly interesting is that the Declaration claims a connection between the Scots and the Scythians, and also mentions the Exodus of the Children of Israel from Egypt. The ancient tribe of the Scythians once lived in the area to which the "Lost Ten Tribes of Israel" were deported by the Assyrian Empire (according to the Bible and historical sources).

    Another Scottish connection to the Scythians is that, according to legend, Andrew, one of Christ's apostles, preached to the Scythians. St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland. The Scottish flag contains a Cross of Saint Andrew."

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    Re: Royal Hungarian Roots of Scottish Clans

    Interesting. Apparently Scott Littleton has written about similar topics in From Scythia to Camelot. However I know next to nothing about the etnic make-up and pre-history of the Magyars, so information or links about the subject would be appreciated.

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    Sv: Re: Royal Hungarian Roots of Scottish Clans

    Well, apart from the articles I've posted recently on issues concerning the Hungarian question, as well as parts of articles taken from below websites, the following links are good places to start:

    Index of English articles


    I've started a new thread about the origin of the Hungarians and their language HERE. If nobody beats me to it I'll keep posting the full study as soon as I read it.
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