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I recommend reading Elie Wiesel's novel "Night". I have a very strong impression in my soul after reading this work. The horrors of Jews who were driven from one concentration camp to another are described very briefly, but very succinctly.
KayBur, what is your purpose @ Skadi? A written bias here is that Germanic folks are our major concern and Indo-Germanics only minorly, so those who aren't even approaching something like Celts or Balto-Slavs don't elicit much sympathy, whatever their purposes. Even in disputes between Germanics and other Indo-Germanics, we side with Germanics. The only touchy issue is points of divergence between Germanics, but this shall never originate in any strident declaration for non-Germanic interests, or at least to our utmost efforts, with clear hearts and minds. Least of all, we don't want to be nagged by any anti-Germanic guiltmongering by non-Germanics of any kind. It should go without saying, that Skadi isn't a Holohoax forum, regardless of ideas about who's right in conflicts some 'court Jews' played parts. In no shape or fashion are 'court Jews' deserving their own story in any establishment apart from Zionism and their invention of Christianity as a Babylonian cope for life under Rome. Jews are rootless cosmopolitans who either serve their masters and do that well, or are expelled with extreme prejudice--Christianity softens the blow of them among us--as does neonatal circumcision, but they ideally ought to just use that as a Noahide covenant for Gentiles who would live with them in Israel. None of us has uses for 'court Jews' in our own lands who won't serve a purpose and merely engage in rampant pilfering of the public weal for their own benefit, which Kushner did with Trump. We can discuss the utilitarianism of having somebody like Disraeli in public discourse, without feeling sorry for pogroms in the Pale of Settlement by Tsarist Russia, or the Spanish Inquisition as it rooted out Jews and Muslims.

None of us here are fans of Fiddler on the Roof, etc. One should get a sense that Skadi is not an enabler or mouthpiece of non-Germanic anything, to the best of our ability. That's at least due to there hardly being any forum out there solely dedicated to Germanic society, without also being part of some other cultural interests that may or may not be especially congruent. This is not to say that Skadi is a 'hate site' for non-Germanic Indo-Germanics, insofar as there is implied respect on the part of others towards us, so even less are we concerned with the feelings and opinions of non-Indo-Germanics, save however they fit our agendas. Many, if not all of us here, probably find some value in other Indo-Germanics and tolerance or acceptance of other Eurasians, with Semites among the lowest on that totem pole or caste system and Africans not at all. It's all about relevance to our purposes and we find zero fulfillment clutching the coattails of the eternal 'other' as demanded of us in these times. Germanics here, at least, seek no validation from outsiders, only to find it within ourselves and come to terms with one another, hopefully fruitfully. Jews have enough encouragement elsewhere that it's irrelevant in the grand scheme of things what esteem in which we hold them, so please don't bother us about Jewry.

If you may, some time, find it within yourself to make a post explaining your putative Germanic interests, by all means, don't wait any longer. 25 posts so far and hardly anything out of you could be seen as being specifically Germanic-related. This is atypical for even those who don't intend to become board regulars and just drop off without warning. What is it about you that signifies one devoted to Germanic preservation? A more proper introduction should have been made to declare this to us. I hardly think none of us is suspicious as to your ulterior motives posting here. Don't take this as me trying to drive away anybody we could value, as if Skadi isn't big enough for growth, it's just that we are not civic nationalists in Germanic societies, nor are we walking SPLC and ADL caricatures of fanatics like some other virtual communities. Unlike the liberal stereotype, education doesn't automatically mean a superior intelligence based on leftist indoctrination or unchallenged acceptance of its propaganda, for the most hardy of Skadi members are not easily fooled by the pied piper and have survived to tell our tales in more ways than one, not always born out of some fringe conspiracy theory. I will conclude this statement of purpose by saying that I wish I was able to have burnt the Diary of Anne Frank and whatever that was by Elie Wiesel the school curriculum pushed on us back in the day. I think I speak for most here when I say: 'WE JUST DON'T CARE!'