For the Heruli, the evidence is clearly meagre, but what about the general ideas of Maennerbunden amongst the IEans?

Pirates, marauders, and homos, oh my! Homosexuality amongst the ancient Heruli
Kai mixeis ouch hosias telousin
"And they [Heruli] have intercourse contrary to the ends of divine nature..."
- Prokopios of Caesaria, early Christian historian (circa 560 AD)
With these words, the early Catholic historian Prokopios is our only certain witness that the ancient Germanic Heruli did in fact practice a warrior-based male homosexuality. A small but spread out and extremely influential tribe of fierce mercenaries and pirates, the Heruli were part of the larger Suebian family of tribes and terrorized Europe from before the time of Jesus until the tribe finally died out around 550 AD.

In addition to the testimony of Prokopios, several other sources strongly imply that the Heruli and affiliated warriors were predominantly homosexual both culturally and religiously. We know much about the Heruli because they were mentioned in the writings of at least 17 Greek and Roman authorities, beginning with Julius Caesar in 58 BC until Paulus Diaconus and Prokopios who both wrote about the demise of the Heruli around 560 AD.

Unfortunately much of what these writers tell us is legend, myth, and rumor, but we do have one first-hand account of fierce Heruli pirates attacking Christian strongholds in northern Portugal. Unfortunately, these stories are confusing, difficult to translate from the obscure Latin, contradictory at times, and often biased because of the Catholicism practiced by many of the later authorities.

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