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    Adolf Hitler The Last Avatar

    Because the luck leagues
    Feel nothing for themselves
    Another must feel in the
    Name of the gods


    ''I am not worthy, to speak aloud of Adolf Hitler and his life and deeds invite not to be sentimentally moved. He was a warrior, a warrior for humanity and a spreader of the gospel of the rights for all peoples. He was a reforming shape of the highest rank, and his historical fate it was, to have to work in a time of unexemplary rawness, to which he finally fell victim. So may every West European see Adolf Hitler, we at any rate, his followers, bow to our leader...''.

    (Words of the Norwegian author and Nobel-Prize winner Knut Hamsum, as appeared in the Norwegian newspaper ''Aftenposten'' on May 7th, 1945. Knut Hamsum was delivered after the war to an Institute; his rights and his goods were seized and his wonderful books were allowed to disappear from public knowledge).

    ''Hitler was like Joan of Arc. A holy one, a martyr.''

    (Explanation from the North American Poet Ezra Pound for reporters, who asked him as he was already a prisoner of war of his country and shortly before he was locked up for 13 years in an insane asylum. The hard earned Nobel prize for the greatest poet of this century was never awarded to him.)

    This work I dedicate to the young heroes,
    The morning of the inaugurated warriors
    The esoteric Hitlerism to be.
    And the fame of the Führer
    Adolf Hitler

    A kind of Introduction

    ''Blessed are the beliefs of people, who dare, to renew the face of the earth, who deliver an ideal, that they love. With the pride of the mature Race, as your German leader premeditated it, and your powerful one obediently, took on your pain, to carry in your blood the new penetration of the greatness of the world.

    ''A wildly courageous ambition of a strong Volk, that created themselves around reaching the Area of Power, and who had for themselves the bold dream to prepare the other side of the horizon for their own Heaven-honored idea.

    ''Is the Full Power finally reached, it is better to use it up all at once in a hefty attack like the glimmer of lightening instead of withering waiting in peace''.

    (From the French poet Pierre Drieu La Rochelle, follower of Germany and of Hitlerism during the last war. In 1945 he took his own life).

    ''We all must be prepared for the worst. Is death in the middle of the the degradation not a way to wholly give to the cause? ''The victim permitted neither calculations nor reservations. If I had lied as much as the others, where wouldn't I have already landed? ''Indeed I believe, believe more than ever, that only the idealists can change the world. ''The goal is those whose souls remain.''.

    From Leon Degrelle, leader of the Belgian ''Rexism'', Hero of the battle on the Eastern Front, dedicated Hitlerist, poet and pilgrim of the great longing. Still lives on this earth).

    Table of Contents

    Part 1: Memories of the Archetype

    The Honor of the Night 19
    The Hero 24
    The Chief 26
    The Lord of Darkness 69
    The Master 104
    Other Hyperborean Archetypes 151
    The Mountain 151
    The Valkyrie 160
    Life Cycle and Mandala 174
    Last Conversation with the Master 178

    Part 2: The Other Side of the Archetype

    The Fake of the Demiurge 181
    The Art of the Joint 181
    The Gods, the Heroes 185
    Reincarnation, Eternal Return, Awakening 187
    Hyperborea 196
    Paradesha 200
    Woewre 202
    Odin and the Runes 205
    Land of Mountains 216
    Castilean 221
    Polar Physiology 229
    The Three Norns, the three Realms 233
    Ragna-Rök 236
    Another Round 238
    Terrestrial Hyperborea 240
    The Fire 241
    Jehova and the White Traitors 248
    The Awakening of Osiris 251
    Arbaris and Allouine 255

    The Ice 256
    The Moving-out 260
    In Bernstein-Land 274
    The Age of Heroes 276
    Baldurs Death 279

    Part 3: THE OTHER POLE

    Polar Initiation 287
    The White Gods 289
    The Black Shadow and the White Gods 501
    The Jews in Spain and America 308
    The Marrans 312
    The Marrans in the Diaspora 318
    A showy story and the Fate of an Author 328
    Gustav Meyrink: ''The Golem''
    The Crusade Against the Grail 336
    The Templers in America 342
    Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa 349
    Atlantis 352
    The Borders 361
    The Incas 365
    The Language and Writing of the Incas 375
    The Drama of the Hyperboreans in Tiahuanacu 379
    The End of a World 386

    CHILLI-MAPU. The Land of the Morning Star 391
    The Earth 395
    The Morning Star 400
    The Human 401
    Re-che, The Pure Aryan 408
    ''Raza Chilena'' (''Chilenian Race'') of Nicolas Palacios 414
    The Chilenian Matriarchy 427
    The Chilenian Race-Cycle 435
    The Military Putsch of 1973 438
    The Jew Milton Friedman and Chile 454
    Usury 458
    Fate 464
    Chosen-Emergence 466
    Return in the Land of Oiyehue 480


    The Order's Castle 487
    The Secret of the Grail 504
    Parzifal 517
    Schastel Marveile 528
    Trevisent and the History of the Grail 531
    Blood Order 534
    The Twice Born 537
    The Family-House 541
    The Battle with the Double 543
    Lohengrin 545
    The Teachings of A-Mor the Troubadoure 553
    Courage, Soul 554
    The Awakening of the Anahata Chakra 553
    The Divya 565
    Becoming Godlike 570
    The ''Mutus Liber'' and the ''Rosarium Philosophorum'' 571
    Krishnas Dance 582


    The Magic Realm 587
    The Laboratory of Race-Changing 589
    The Mirror of Papans 591
    The Thule Society 594
    The Transmission of Rudolf Hess 604
    Hypnosis and Distance 608
    The Impartial Angel 610
    Kalki the Last Avatar 614
    The Return of the Beginning 620

    The Pilgrims of the Great Longing 625


    Appendix 1.
    Chile and the ''Black List'' of the ''Allies'' during the Second World War 627

    Appendix 2.
    The Rune-Christ from Atlantis 641

    Appendix 3. Venus, the Double Star of Inauguration into Esoteric Hitlerism. The Eight-jagged Star 643


    The rest is attached as an RTF file. I highly recommend reading this.
    Also included are the pictures.

    The German version of this excerpt comes from this site but has been translated into English.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Solar Wolff View Post
    This is a great diagram of the chakras or endocrine glands--whatever. Does anybody know if Serrano or anybody else gave instructions on activating them? ; this will give you access to best of the reiki sites.
    They have free books to download, choose the book on Chakras, if you cant find what you want there then you are looking for very esoteric material. Those groups exist but getting anything out of them is a problem!

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    I expected material on Savitri Devi regarding Hitler as an avatar. Somebody at work believes in that esoteric view of Adolf, but I don't think of any men having supernatural characteristics. What's wrong with just looking at AH as just another man, in either the right or wrong time and place for his talents?

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