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Thread: On diverting asteroid 1981 Midas into a collision with Earth in the year 2018...

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    On diverting asteroid 1981 Midas into a collision with Earth in the year 2018...

    Here's an assessment of the feasibility of diverting asteroid 1981 Midas into a collision with Earth in the year 2018. I'm posting this to show the potential military-political advantage to controlling access to space.
    Note the relatively small size of the divert delta-vee. Only about 301.5 meters per second will cause the asteroid to shift into a collision course.

    Elements used for Earth.
    a = 1.0000001124 AU
    e = 0.0167102192
    i = 0
    L = 0
    w = 103.078101 degrees
    T = JD 2454468.667 (4:00:29 UT, 3 January 2008)

    Elements used for 1981 Midas.
    a = 1.7761208686 AU
    e = 0.6501608192
    i = 39.835472411 degrees
    L = 357.03080224 degrees
    w = 267.74138625 degrees
    T = 2453926.666 (3:59:02 UT, 10 July 2006)

    Midas divert delta-vee.
    dV = 301.4552 m/s
    RA = 17h 19m 45.192s
    dec= -48.6042 degrees
    Td = JD 2457809.620 (2:52:48 UT, 25 February 2017)

    Transfer orbit is an ellipse with aphelion at departure.

    Elements of the Midas transfer orbit.
    a = 1.776419 AU
    e = 0.6495124
    i = 39.82184 degrees
    L = 356.6238 degrees
    w = 267.1621 degrees
    T = JD 2457377.22 (17:16:48 UT, 20 December 2015)

    Minimum distance between Earth's orbit and the Midas transfer orbit: 97.8 km
    Minimum distance occurs at heliocentric longitude: 176.623768 degrees

    Transit time = 384.379 days.
    Impact on Earth at JD 2458194.0 (12h UT, 16 March 2018)

    Midas approaches Earth from approximately
    RA = 14h 2m
    dec= +35.1 degrees
    Facing Midas on arrival is: The North Pacific Ocean.
    A vertical impact could occur: NE of Hawaii, S of Valdez AK, W of Los Angeles CA.

    Midas' diameter: 3.4 kilometers
    Assumed density: 2200 kg/m^3
    Estimated mass: 4.5E+13 kilograms
    Arrival speed in transfer orbit: 28.304 km/sec
    Impact speed: 30.432 km/sec
    Impact energy: 2.1E+22 Joules = 5.0 teratons TNT equivalent.

    Jerry Abbott

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    Wink Spacerock

    It is not this, perhaps a relative.

    Rarely spacerocks are as beautiful as this one, it has some kind of metallic crystalline alloy surface. It is about 6 millimeters wide, and suitable for a ring.

    In a metaphysical view, spacerocks have since the days of Arild been considered to possess special powers. In a "spiritualistic sense, through the extraterrestial spirits dwelling therein. Sometimes religions are founded on them. (Kaaba?)

    But the spirits of this rock are not very communicable to me, it is like talking to a ...rock.

    It is for sale, for only 1 million Nok. Send me a PM if you consider buying it.
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