The pack of wolves

Judge names and locks up the young thugs who preyed on rail commuters

By Stephen Wright Chief Crime Correspondent

A GANG of teenage robbers who preyed on commuters like ‘a pack of wolves’ have been named and shamed by a judge.
The five – aged 15 to 17 – have been locked up for a total of 11 years.
Judge John Reid QC took the rare step of overturning the identity ban on juvenile offenders in the hope it would act as a deterrent to others.
The robbers included Danny Preddie, 15, a member of a south London gang. Other members of the same gang stood trial for the murder of 10-year-old Damilola Taylor in Peckham, south London, in 2000.
Preddie and four other youths were this week sentenced for a series of attacks on trains in south-east London.
Inner London Crown Court heard the robbers targeted commuters travelling alone at night, taking cash, mobile phones, watches and personal CD players.
The detective who led the investigation compared them to a ‘pack of wolves’.
Detective Constable Terry Hill, of the British Transport Police robbery squad, said: ‘They would select their victims and hunt like a pack.’
All five, who had criminal records, would pounce on people after assessing their wealth and ability to defend themselves.
Mr Hill added: ‘They targeted not only commuters but people in the vicinity of railway stations on the London Bridge to Sydenham line.’
Preddie, Ebbi Apineri, 17, Delroy Corrodus, 16, Daniel Hargreaves, 17, and Mustafa Warsama, 15, had all denied charges of conspiracy to rob between February 7 and 21 last year. A jury found them guilty of the charges at a trial last month.
Police believe they may have carried out up to 11 robberies before they were caught after threatening a commuter travelling between Queens Road and East Dulwich.
Preddie, who lives with his mother in Peckham, appeared at the Old Bailey in 2000 accused of a sex attack on two girls with the two brothers who were ultimately cleared of the Damilola murder.
All three walked free after a judge said the case should not have been sent to the Old Bailey.
Preddie was given a six-month supervision order for racially aggravated common assault in 2000. In October, he was sentenced to four months’ training and detention for his part in a burglary with another teenager cleared of murdering Damilola.
Warsama, of Peckham, the leader of the gang, and Preddie were each sentenced to three years in a young offenders’ institution. Corrodus, who lived in a children’s home in Peckham, was sent to a young offenders’ institution for two-and-a-half years. Apineri, who also lived at the home, was sentenced to an 18-month training and detention order.
Hargreaves, from Peckham, was sentenced to a 12-month detention order.

*Article taken from Daily Mail newspaper.