Men attacked because of their accents
By Ushma Mistry

THREE men who were taunted about their accents were viciously attacked as they walked home following a night out.

The men were walking along St Mary's Road, Ealing at about 11pm on Friday 13th February, when a group of male Asians called out to them as they approached the Finnegans Wake pub.

The victims ignored the group and carried on walking but were still being verbally abused about their South African and Australian accents. They were then set upon by the gang and were severely kicked and punched. Their attackers then fled in a brand new black BMW.

The victims were later treated at New Ealing Hospital for cuts, bruises and broken ribs.

All the attackers were described as Asian and aged between 18-20.

Anyone with information should call Ealing Crimedesk on 020 8246 1182 quoting reference 2505382/04

12:19pm Friday 20th February 2004