a report published today by Compass ('direction for the Democratic left' )(if you go through their website it has a 'rally against the BNP' link. ), avalible to download as a PDF, right-click-save-as here. 21 pages. Some interesting stuff concerning the effects of marketing/advertising on children.

the Guardian has its article on it online here.

"Today's children, who so want to be 'cool', are growing up to be the miserable victims of consumer culture."

some soundbites from the torygraph's overview (mostly direct quotes from the report)

"Children are so engulfed by advertising that more three-year-olds know the McDonald's logo than their own surname", a Church report claims.

"The average 10-year-old had "internalised 300 to 400 brands - perhaps 20 times the number of birds in the wild that they could name" and that British children are among the most materialistic in the world, ahead even of Americans, it said.'

'Compass drew on research from a variety of sources to watn that the style and ubiquity of marketing to children is having a huge and potentially damaging influence.

Female singers "dress like quintessential male fantasies of teenybopper hookers and sing songs about sex written by middle aged men"' (page 11 of the report)

'The Compass report concludes: "millions of pounds are spent conditioning children to become young consumers. Who is forming our children - parents, guardians, friends, families, teachers, community workers - or an army of psychologists, branding gurus, marketing experts, advertisers who are spending billions to shape young minds in the name of profit. Can children be children before they are consumers?"'